The Perks of Being a Commission-Based Sales Rep

Hiring a commission-based sales team can pose some unique challenges. The bonus of acquiring employees that work on commission is that they have an enormous incentive to sell, but while advertising a salary for your sales positions might garner more interest in the job opening, those candidates will become less motivated to close deals for you once they’re employed.

If you’re interested in moving to a commission-based sales platform, but are unsure about the best way to effect this transition in your hiring strategies, you can get professional help when making a professional hire by acquiring the services of an experienced agency that specializes in all aspects of sales talent. You’ll also want to be sure that you’re ready to motivate a new sales team who are eager to get started.

Getting Started with the Help of A Sales Talent Agency

If managing a commission-based team is new to you, you may worry that your applicants will find their job to be fraught with anxiety about the failure to close sales and earn a commission. If you’re concerned that it will be difficult to find talented or seasoned applicants to work for you, you should consider the enormous benefit of increasing your pool of candidates by working with a sales talent recruiter. By working with a sales talent agency, you can open up your hiring to an enormous pool of candidates who are all eagerly seeking commission-based employment. 

Incentives to Relieve Anxiety

The drive to work within a performance-related pay structure always comes from the opportunity to make more money, so it’s vital that you to focus on clarifying this benefit if you’re trying to alleviate anxieties within your new sales team. When your employees see that their success depends on their own performance, not only will they earn much more income but their job satisfaction will increase as well.

Finding the Right People for the Job

The incentive for you is to be able to identify the right people for commission-based work. If you expect that anxiety about earnings and performance will remain an issue for the candidate, then they probably aren’t the right person for this style of work.

Remind yourself that you’re doing such people a favour by passing on hiring them. After all, it’s much better for both of you to realize in advance that it isn’t going to work out, rather than for the candidate to find out after they’ve put weeks in with little success. Don’t let anyone talk you into giving them a shot unless you know that they’re a confident, charismatic and experienced salesperson.

When managing a commission-based sales team for the first time, be sure that you can motivate your team properly. More importantly, you’ll want to be able to find employees that are already skilled salespeople, who are great at motivating themselves. If you leave your search to job boards, finding a skilled sales team who want to work on commission will prove a much more difficult task.

Whether you’re launching into a new market or a new territory, you’re going to want to acquire a sales team that you can trust to help your business grow. If you’re building a team from scratch or just looking to add some vigour to your business with new talent, contact a professional sales talent agency for the best results!

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