Step by step instructions to gain Instagram followers

If you are interested in to get followers on Instagram and also wanted it in the right way, then don’t worry you are writing the article which is tailor-made for you. Every process or work has shortcuts. Like you can buy Followers on Instagram but Instagram has taken some strict measures to stop such inauthentic activities. These type of tricks may boost up your followers for a short period of time but these will not help in longer terms. Your main motto should be to find real people that are loyal to you and your brand and takes interest in what you offer. This is the only way you will get the best business results.

Steps to follow for gaining Instagram followers

Lots of things can be done to increase your followers from zero to Millions. While watching the insta-successful others, keep in mind that people turn to assistance of professional digital promotion teams such as that offer different artificial advancement algorithms very often. And one of the most impressive and popular options is the advantage to buy some extra following. It’s up to you to do it or not and now read this step by step guide how you can achieve it the natural way.

  • Selection of the content which is right for you

This is the first but most important step and it requires some brainstorming and efforts from you. If you want a good number of real followers on Instagram your content be of such type that should be made only for Instagram and the content that fits your audience needs. There is a number of images that can work for you like design posters with motivational quotes, describe your food with high-quality photography these are the things that can go in your way.

Instagram is a unique platform so your content should be unique and directly focus on audience. Carefully use hash-tags which will help people to reach to your posts. People want to see visuals rather than reading full stories. By sharing quality images you will save their time also yours. Once the content selection is done keep posting consistently about that, that’s what people asked for from us. This will bring real-time followers on your Instagram account.

  • Content should be loved by the audience

After successful selection what type of content will suit your brand, now it’s time to focus on creating such posts that will keep your audience on their feet and they will love to interact. Find out what your customers want to see on Instagram use relevant images for that. Most crucial thing is to establish a good relationship with your audience. If you are running a business account then don’t post irrelevant stuff like eating dinner in a restaurant, making food, etc.

This will not excite your customer you can do this while you are running personal account. On Instagram engagement is king. People like to see what engaging content is and according to their needs. So the engaging and relevant content will bring you lots of followers on Instagram. People like to see other people, you can post your content in story form, and they want to see user-generated content. This type of content is ideal for you.

  • Behave well with your community on Instagram

People just like to increase their number of followers which is a big mistake. The people following you are humans treat them like gold. Use this strategy whether you are running a personal account or business account. Learn to respect your audience. Our target should not only to reach Millions of followers but we also have to observe how many likes are we getting and how many people are commenting on our posts. It is not about followers, the key thing is you must have engaged followers. Because if you have 10,000 followers it would not matter unless you have at least 1000 real followers. That’s why it is said that treat your community as a gold.

  • Regular posting on your Instagram account

It is a good strategy to post after every three to four hours. That does not mean that you start posting in bulks, People will consider you spam and will unfollow you in no time. You can take an example of seed. You just don’t want to put the entire seed into one hole you want to spread it out. You are supposed to work on consistency if you failed to do so you will not get followers. So the best way to gain followers on Instagram is to post regular and engaging content.

  • Your Instagram bio should look good

This is what which will tell people who actually you are. Make a 150 characters bio that should attract people. It should be simple and don’t make blunders in it. Your bio should be interesting because people just spend seconds to decide whether to follow you or not. You should use proper keywords in your bio so that people can easily search out for you. This information will help you to gain more Instagram followers.

  • Hash-tags usage will earn you more followers

When you will use hash-tags with your keywords this will help people to find out you that are already not following you. Find out more related hash-tags to your business and use them in your account. You can add 30 hash-tags on your Instagram post so take full advantage of it and your most searched keywords. Use of this strategy will bring lots of new followers to your account.

  • Focus on Network

It’s not all about posting engaging content it is necessary to make live contact through a network with live humans. Foundr used to do it and now he is a successful man. Sometimes when you want to get more followers on Instagram you like to use the idea of collaboration instead of competition. You must use the idea “share for share” to gain more followers on Instagram.

  • Working in collaboration with an influencer will bring you more followers

This is by far the best tactic used to gain followers on Instagram. You can create a list of 10-20 influencers and regularly engage with them. These people can help you to take your account beyond your thoughts. This is another good strategy to gain followers on Instagram.

You can use various Instagram tools that will help you find more followers. Like you can use Ink361, Social blade and Iconosquare pro for competitor analysis and gaining more followers on Instagram.

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