5 Great Tips on How to Hire a Cleaning Service for your Home

Sometimes there are days when our schedule is jam-packed that we can no longer juggle tasks between our work and responsibilities at home like cleaning our house. 

While those days are still bound to happen, did you know that there are still ways for you to empty a portion of your workload at home which incorporates cleaning your house by redistributing this task to someone else?

Recruiting somebody to carry out responsibility for you would save your opportunity to concentrate more on what is important to you the most while keeping up a protected and clean house to live. 

Hiring a house cleaning service is quite daunting at first because you are going to allow someone whom you don’t personally know to enter your house and roam around your private spaces.

At the same time with proper research you can make out the most of this service and who knows you might want to avail of a regular schedule and not just a one-time event. Below are 5 highly effective tips on how you can choose the best cleaning service for your home

1. Cleaning company or an independent housekeeper 

You have two choices in recruiting a cleaning service for your home. You can decide to recruit a cleaning company, which is useful for big houses as they normally send a handful of laborers to complete the activity proficiently and rapidly. 

They charge higher contrasted with independent cleaners however they offer bonds and protection which is advantageous for you if something turns out badly during their visit. 

If you have a small to the mid-sized house then independent cleaners might be a good fit for you as they often work alone and only bring an assistant with them.  They are also a good choice if you are tight on a budget.

2. Research about the company or the housekeeper 

It is consistently something worth taking note that you request suggestions from your nearby family members and companions if at any point they knew somebody or an organization that offers a cleaning service. This will guarantee you that this cleaning company offers quality assistance and is trustworthy. 

On the off chance that you haven’t got any proposal, you can view the web to discover a list of organizations offering this service in your city. Most organizations have websites that you can keep an eye on and frequently, clients would leave an audit concerning their experience for that specific organization. 

If at any time you have discovered an interesting company, you can investigate further by visiting Better Business Bureau and online directories like Yelp to see their different business accreditations. Make sure to ask questions like how this company conducts its recruitment procedure for their workers and do a historical verification for the independent housekeeper.

3. Find out the services offered and its cost

Cleaning services offer their kinds of help through different packages, hourly rate, or at a fixed rate. They may likewise charge you depending on the size of your home and location. While independent housekeepers are more customizable regarding errands like altering the list of things you would need the housekeeper to do. For instance, the service includes cleaning the huge home appliances that is complicated to clean, such as the refrigerator or the 8kg washing machine.

You can pose inquiries if there will be an extra expense if you would need to add something to be done so you won’t be shocked by the new charges.

4. Supplies and equipment 

Find out if they will be the ones to provide the cleaning supplies and equipment they will be using. Usually, for a cleaning service company, they bring their equipment and cleaning supplies. For independent housekeepers normally you will be the one to provide. 

Some companies allow their clients to provide the supplies on their own.  It gives the client the full control of the brands they trust or cleaning items their clients routinely utilized at home. It is a good option if you have kids who have allergies or pets sensitive to certain products.

5. Secure a written contract 

A written contract will outline your agreement with the cleaning company or the independent housekeeper on what are the things they are expected to achieve during their visit. You can list the things that you would want them to prioritize so they would manage their time and schedule. 

A contract is also a way to establish a good relationship between two parties as the terms and conditions are properly set. Not to mention, it can also protect you against any legal dispute regarding the payment of the cleaning service.

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