10 Facebook Hacks to Blow Your Mind

You need to admit, Facebook setting is quite thorough but it is too complicated too sometimes. You can post a comment on a photo and you will get millions of notification until, well, it is not trending anymore. Here are several hacks that allow you to maximize your Facebook experience.

No Birthday Notification

You only need to click on the globe sign and right click on birthday tab to find option for setting. On setting you can switch it off. You can switch it on back when you want to. These simple steps will set you free from daily bombing on birthday notifications.

Review Tagged Post First

Open your Facebook setting and find “Timeline and Tagging” section. In there, you will find an option in which you need to review the post you are tagged in first before posting it on your timeline. Click edit and choose the label “enable”. This should secure you from humiliating photo.

Cutting without Unfriending

You should open your friend account and see the “following” button. If you click it, you have an “unfollow” option. You can choose it and his feeds will not appear on your timeline. However, you still have the access to stalk him anytime. This is how you cut someone on Facebook.

Remote Log Out

This is needed especially when you log in using devices which are not yours. Go to Settings, and get into the Security tab. There, you will find option to end activity on other devices than ones you own. This will get you secure enough from hacking.

Blocking Family from Post with List

On the left side bar on your home page, you will find Friends tab. Click there and find an option to Create a List. You can type your friend’s name there to put him or her on your list. The same thing can be done to your family so they can’t see photos they may object.

Chat Block

Right on the bottom of your chat side bar, you will find Option tab. In there, you can access the Advanced Setting where you can literally turn off chat from several friends. You can type the name of those friends, and you are free from annoying chat forever.

GIF Add in Message

You don’t need other apps to do this. You can click on magnifying tab just next to chat box. There is a collection of GIFs you can attach on your message. You can also type keywords in there to find matching result.

Facebook Messenger Free Call

Yes. You can do this all the time. Instead of calling your friends’ number from your cellphone, you can use Facebook Messenger to call them for free using WiFi. Really, several people have done this multiple times, and it is so fun. It is literally free.

Unclickable Profile Picture

First, you need to click your profile picture. On the right corner, on top, you will find little globe icon. Click it. In there, you will find “friend” tab, and you only need to choose it. It prevents stranger strolling on your photos. It can be done for your cover photo as well.

Secret “Other Message” Folder

The folder is right on your Message tab. You only need to click it and access the “other“ folder. Right in the folder, you will find spam messages and probably email that are mostly sent by creepers. You can delete them and free the folder from junks.

Sometimes, hacks can mean good things too like those mentioned above. You can apply one or two, or even all, of them to give you undisturbed experience in Facebook. Don’t worry too much, it is not going to change other setting on your account.

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