What is an ideal amount of water you should be drinking during pregnancy?

Let us get over to a surprising fact. The bundle of joy inside you is embedded with 75 % water. Once the baby grows it can drop down to 65% after the first year of life till it reaches around 60 % by the point of time it touches adulthood. This is one of the most frequented topics of discussion in pregnancy and baby forums on the amount of water you need to drink during pregnancy.

Now the question is from where can be avail this source of water. This could emerge from the fluids that we drink water. For this reason it has been found out that drinking water during pregnancy assumes to be a lot important. The health of the mother and even the baby is dependent upon it. As per inputs from pregnant community to help you to be healthy there are some tips to follow for drinking water during pregnancy.

8 glasses of water during the day are a definite must

Water ensures that the body is properly hydrated providing it easier for the heart to pump. The muscles and organs are oxygenated that reduces the possibility of cramps or circulation problems the moment you become pregnant. At the same time water helps you ward off potential urinary tract infections. Drinking enough amount of water helps to counterbalance the overflow of hormones making your skin more prone to itching or stretch marks.

The health of the baby depends upon water consumption. The amount of water you end up drinking has an impact on the amniotic sac which goes on to surround the baby. Once the baby grows so does the volume of fluid needed for the baby to become healthy. The amniotic sac works as a protective barrier for the baby.

It is suggested that you should drink eight cups of water a day. Before even doing anything else in the morning drink 2 glasses of water. This should be undertaken along with your dinner or lunch every day. To ensure that you drink sufficient amount of water during the day carry a water bottle with you.

A few sips of water before you are heading to bed

After 6 hours of sleeping during the night the body is in a dehydrated zone. This can be prevented if you go on to reduce the levels of dehydration in your body and the impact it goes on to have. Before you are planning to go to bed drink a couple of glasses of water so as to stay dehydrated during the course of sleep. Though the levels of metabolism continue to reduce at night the body needs proper amount of water to function on a daily basis.

The cup of water that you drink before going to bed could flush out the toxins from your body accumulated during the course of the day. It also helps to cut down the waste that is accumulated during the process of digestion and even metabolism.

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