Cool Android Apps with Unique Feature on November 2015

Those who are using smartphone with Android system must know about Play Store. In this Android app source, we can install some amazing applications. Some of them are free, and others require money to buy. There are always several new apps upload in this source every single day. In this month, we have mentioned a few of them here. These apps are quite unique that is probably interesting enough to try. Folks, here are those unique applications you may test on your phone.


For every smartphone users, there is one thing that they concern the most. That is privacy. Everyone must have something that they do not want to share to public even to close friends or family. Usually, to keep everything stays in private, we use security system. There are many apps which provide that facility. One of them is AppLock. This latest Android app allows us to lock things like messages, contact, facebook, and even gallery. By using it, no more worries whenever our friends want to borrow our phone. Besides the features above, we can also hide the icon of this security program itself. It is quite easy to access it back. We only need to go to call menu, filling the password on the dial pad, and then click call button. The app will automatically be opened again.

Musixmatch – Lyrics and Music

Who does not love music? Every smartphone user must always play their music list all the time. Sometimes they sing along too. Yet, not all of us can do it since we do not know or remember the song lyrics. Well, you might love Musixmatch then. Not only does this app can play music, but also provide the lyrics. Moreover, it could search songs that we want to hear by typing the title or part of the lyrics. We can combine this music player with the others that stil do not support lyric feature. How cool is that.


If you want to know what happens in your country or others, then you may try to look at Kurio. It is the newest Android app originally made by Indonesian developer. This application will let us know about news of domestic or abroad. Each news has been divided into their own category. Hence, we can easily find things that we want to search for. The unique part about this app is that the category is shaped in hand fan. We only need to swipe the screen and click on the one we want to read. All in all, we will not miss any news by using this informative and educative app.

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