3 Golden Ways to Grow Your Social Media Followers

In this day and age, social media is one of the major advertising and marketing mediums which most (if not all) businesses employ to increase their reach and get a hoard of legitimate fans for their brand but the basic question arises that how to get Instagram followers or any other social followers?

When going for Social Media Marketing, you may want to employ tactics that bring about legitimate, active Instagram followers instead of bots (which are very common when buying Instagram followers).

There are two ways to get Instagram followers. One is to buy active Instagram followers, and two is to work hard and get them the old-fashioned way. Here are a few ways to get Instagram followers:

  • Have something worth looking at

People that follow you after taking their time and checking out your profile will generally be the best followers you’ll ever have –usually active, interested people that have a genuine keenness in your accounts.

TO impress those kinds of followers, be sure to have the following:

A complete profile:

Don’t just half-arse your profile, fill her up and complete every field that applies to you. Your bio should tell a story, it should intrigue the visitors into following you.

On Twitter, use keywords that are attractive, use close-up head shots of yourself in the display picture which is preferably done by a professional and create a space that looks, feels and is professional feeling.

A feed that has content and value:

Your feed/timeline should be of value; it should show your most valuable content. A lot of users will browse your feed to some extent before following and providing them with good content is key to keeping them interested in your profile.

Finding junk in your feed will simply result in your profile getting rejected (in terms of following) and ignored.

  • Be Active and Engaged

There is no doubt that this tip is the first and foremost important thing to have when running a social media page. But, knowing that you need to be engaged and active versus actually being engaged and active has a difference.

First things first, most people will not appreciate and enjoy link feeds. Commenting on, resharing and posting other’s posts demonstrate that a) you’re not a bot and b) you’re active and scrounging for interesting and relevant content.

  • Post your opinions, news, data, and trends

  1. Expressing opinions about certain real-world and current issues can be a double-edged sword. While it may bring you a lot of followers if your posts are worded correctly, it can lose you just as many if not. While you can express your opinions openly, if they are carefully backed and reasoned; you should not just go around and telling everyone what you think about everything, you need to take care of the content you share and posts you make.
  2. Data is extremely important for people; while raw data cannot tell complete stories, it can help people back their beliefs or challenge them. If you’re an originator of the data, you can receive an exceedingly strong set of people that share and follow your data.
  3. News and trends are as important as it gets when it comes to social media posting. Becoming a valued and good source for breaking news is important to your industry. People may want to follow you right now or miss out on what’s happening in the world.


At the end of the day, there are many different strategies and ways you can employ to get social media followers. If you’re feeling that your social media output isn’t on par with what you can achieve, then this guide can definitely help you out.

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