Window AC vs Split AC, Which is Better for my Home?

Window AC vs Split AC, Which is Better for my Home

Any new air conditioner buyer will be in a dilemma whether to buy a window AC or split AC. This tug war doesn’t seem to end soon. It majorly depends on the requirement of your home. However, both the products have their pros and cons.  Today many prefer split AC as they perfectly complement the modern design of our house and consume less energy. There are still many who vouch for the window AC being the best choice.In this blog, we will guide you with the dimensions and aspects that will help you decide the right kind of AC for your home. Therefore go through the array of factors and compare well before you buy.  

What is Window AC and Split AC?

Window AC

Window ACs are wall-mountedAC. It is ideal for a small room with a window space. Their maintenance cost is low, and they are quite pocket-friendly as well. They typically come in a single unit with two faces, one face is installed outside, and the other inside.

Split AC

These ACs are also mounted on the wall, and it is typically used for large rooms as it has high cooling capacity. There is no need for windows to install it. It also comes with a compressor and condenser. The evaporator in the indoor unit cools the room while the compressor controls the temperature.

Tug war: Window ACVs Split Ac

1.     Space available

A majority of urban Indians live in apartments or flats where they experience severe space constraints. Window ACs generally demands a large amount of space as the appliance is just one unit. For this, you need to designate a full window or make adjustments to a wall for its accommodation. However, two separate units in a split AC can mount on either side of the same wall without breaking the wall. This gives some amount of flexibility.

2.     Cooling Power

Split AC is designed for larger rooms as they have high cooling power and cool a room faster. While window ACs are compact appliances and are best suited for small rooms.Therefore, if you have a small room, window AC is just perfect for you, and if you are looking to install the AC in a huge living room, you can comfortably go for the split AC.

3.     Ease of Installation

If you have to install split AC, onlya small hole is required to connect the indoor unit to the outdoor unit. The hole can easily hide behind the indoor unit, then no opening would be visible. Whereas, the window AC requires a bigger opening to fit the entire AC into the supporting frame. In case you are in rented house, your landlord would object it. So, things get easy with split AC. The significant advantage of opting for a Split AC is that you can install its indoor unit far from the AC as well.

4.     Power Consumption

We should start taking the star rating of appliances seriously. The consumption of power depends a lot on the start rating. If the appliance has a higher start rating, your AC is more energyefficient. A 5 start AC will consume almost 10% less energy than a 4 star AC. Therefore, if you are buying an AC for normal usage and a small room, a 3 star 1.5-ton AC could be the one chosen. But, if you are buying an AC for a bigger space and using it 15 hours a day, then go for a 5 star split AC to save more energy.

5.     Maintenance and Serviceability

The war of window AC vs split AC  goes on for maintenance and serviceability too. Since a window AC has just one unit, it is less heavy on your pocket when it requires servicing. A split AC, one the other hand,has two units, so it is tough to maintain and get its servicing. Adding to this, it requires periodic maintenance to ensure the best results.

6.     Price

A split AC will cost you almost double than what you would pay for a window AC. For example, a 1–1.5 ton split AC costs you somewhere between INR 20000–25700, while a window AC will cost you INR18000–29000. Hence, if you decide to buy an AC for a small room, you should go for a window AC, and you do not require to pay extra for installation. However, for a bigger space like a bedroom, you can consider buying a split AC. You can purchase the best AC for your home from TATA CLIQ. This is the best time to make the purchase using Tata Cliq coupons to avail best deals and discounts.

7.     Noise

A window AC can be quite loud whereas, a split AC is virtually silent. Further compressor plays a vital role for most of the noise, and in a window AC, the compressor and the inner blower are one unit. Unlike window AC, split AC has separate inner and outer mechanisms placed separately, resulting in less noise.


It may seem difficult to choose the best air conditioner for your home when you get a range of varieties in both kinds of ACs. Window AC vs Split AC doesn’t seem to conclude on one side. However, we have helped you with the important aspects and features that will guide you while purchasing a new AC for your home. Firstly, observe the space available in the house. Then analyze the need for that specific room. Construction of the house also affects the choice you make. Go through all the parameters given in this blog and make the decisionwisely. We are here to guide you so that you are not trapped in the fascinating advertisements.

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