Tips to Use Email for Successful Business Survey

If you have a business that has earned you many customers, you may want to do business survey to find out what the customers think about your goods or service. Thanks to technology, survey no longer means sending thick, printed survey flyers to customers’ addresses and wait for them to send the survey back. You can do the wonder of email to do survey among your customer base. However, you need to tailor your email survey well so you can get the most representative answers as possible.

How to Make Email Business Survey

Business survey using email

Business survey using email

Email is convenient to do business survey, since you can send one copy of survey to multiple email account owners at once. It can also reach huge amount of customers, since most people who shop or order services online must have at least one email address. You can embed survey tool such as SurveyMonkey or ClickInsights on your email. However, these surveys still need customized questions, and you need to create them very carefully in order to get accurate survey result.

Here are general tips to create good survey questions for customers:

  1. Ask simple questions with straightforward answer, such as something that customers can answer with one or two words, or even yes/no. If you need longer opinion, make a few detailed questions that specifically ask for it, and then put them at the end of the survey
  2. Make questions with neutral language. Never mislead customers by putting specific wordings, such as “We have recently created this wonderful feature.” Avoid words that convey any positive or negative emotion when describing your questions, and let the customers do the talking through their answers.
  3. Create your questions with purpose. Each question should have answers that contribute to things you want to know, improve, or reduce. Make a list of problems or questions related to the current business issues you face, and find out what information you need to obtain in order to solve the problems. Create your business survey questions based on those.

Also, when you create questions for survey, make sure they are balanced between closed-ended questions and open-ended questions. Closed-ended questions (i.e. yes/no questions) are ideal to get specific responses, while open-ended questions are better for deeper, more personal insights.

What to Write in Email about Business Survey

Before the customers see your survey, they will read the body of email first. This is where you should get creative with the message. Email with neutral language seems like the safest bet, but personalized message can compel the recipients to fill the survey. Always start with the clear introduction: who are you, what business do you have, and what is your goal in sending the survey. Afterward, you can write email with slightly more personalized message than just a flat, standard message tone.

If you know your customers and find out that they just achieved a business milestone, or if your customers celebrate certain holidays, do not hesitate to greet them with holiday greeting or congratulatory opening about their achievements. Even if they are still fairly standard, but personalized message will make customers pay more attention to your business survey invitation.

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