How to Promote Products through Online and Offline

In the past, people were used to promote the product by reference. If they like one product, they will tell to their friends. No wonder that the information is spread quickly from mouth to mouth. However, this way is only effective in the area where the neighborhood is so tight. They know each other and trust what their neighbor says. However, this way is still effective for the people who live in the village where they have high social relationship. They know each family member name and where their children go to school. People in the city are quite different at these days. They are so busy with their own business and activity. Most of them do not know the name of their neighbor. No wonder their activity is mostly in the online business.

If you are thinking of resigning as employee in the office, perhaps you are thinking of being an entrepreneur. One of the best ways is online business. You don’t have to produce own product if you don’t have modal for this. However, you can take products from your colleague and sell them in the internet. This way means that you are only as mediator between producers and buyers. You can gain profit when you can sell higher that the price from producers. However, this ways have weaknesses since you only depend on the producers. If the product is late producing, late delivery until bad quality, you feel guilty to sell it to your buyers. On the other hand, your name is not good among business players since you can’t keep the consistency of the product. If you are able to capture certain business, for example being tailor, you can sell clothes and bedcover in the online business. This way is every effective since you monitor the process from purchasing material until delivering products. Don’t forget to make priority scale when the orders are too high. This will help to control the quality, time and money.

Offline and online business are playing important role since you can’t get return order from previous buyers. If they are happy, they will tell to other people and you can give them reference fee like gimmick. This will give happiness to the buyers to keep them loyal to your product. You can be on the top selling products if you could keep the consistency of quality product, reasonable price and good service. You don’t need to worry that orders will always come to your cart.

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