Top 6 Important Reasons Why Your Company Should Use Proxy Servers

Have you ever tried to understand the purpose of a proxy server? It may be difficult to have a clear understanding of why you should use a proxy server in your company, especially for an average person. In fact, most people probably associate proxy servers with staying a bit more protected on an open Wi-Fi network but the truth is that proxy servers do a lot more and are more beneficial and important for your company. By visiting us, you will learn how to find the best proxy for your company needs.

In simple terms, proxy servers act as an intermediary method between a computer with a secretive IP address and another server on the internet. The foremost use of the proxy server in any company would be for safety purposes. The threat from hackers invading company servers and stealing of information has currently increased and to secure company’s information from being distorted, many companies have resorted to using proxies.

A proxy will help to secure the internal network structure of your company making requests from computers and users on the local network unidentified.

However, we have listed top 6 reasons why your company should use proxy servers even if you are not concerned with the tech side of things.

  1. Speed up performance

First, a proxy server will keep track of what website needs your company requires and the regularly used websites are stored offline and are used to load the web pages much quicker when the same demand comes upon. This results into lesser operating cost since there will be lesser bandwidth consumption and the web page will be loading faster. By using a proxy server, all client computers’ requests reach the proxy server at first thus speeding up internet surfing.

  1. A proxy server will help you perform sensitive tasks secretly

Proxies are perhaps well known for their ability to anonymize web traffic. Unluckily, you may fail to realize just how vital this function is for your company. A proxy server can also greatly safeguard any current research and progress as well as other company activities.

Any potential hacker trying to spy web traffic to find out what your company is progressing will not be able to track your staffs easily if your company uses a proxy. Therefore, it is better to use a proxy to anonymize any sensitive activity that your company completes over the internet to ensure the activities are secured.

      3. A proxy server helps to control employee internet usage

I believe you would not want your employees to access unsecured or inappropriate websites on your company network. That is why I would advise you to run all your internal networks on a proxy server. When your employees access the network through a proxy, network administrators have power over which gadgets should have full access to the network and which sites those gadgets visit.

Using a proxy, you can obstruct unwanted content, as well as any site you don’t want your employees to visit on during working hours. Your network administrators through a proxy, they can be able to even record what content is being visited and at what time for in-house reasons. In fact, many security staffs use a proxy to monitor for possible unlawful activity or security violations.

      4. Proxy helps for faster speed and bandwidth savings

As a result of the additional activities carried out in the background by proxy servers, most users presume that they slow down internet speeds. This is untrue.

The truth is that proxy servers can be used to maximize speeds and save bandwidth on a network by condensing traffic, caching files and web pages accessed by several users, and shred ads from web sources. This, therefore, liberates valuable bandwidth on a busy network so your employees can access the internet faster and easier.

      5. Enhance corporate and institutional security

Nowadays, company owners are more concerned about hackers since a data violate is more expensive both in terms of financial loss and public image. A proxy server minimizes the probability of data violate. Proxy servers create an extra safeguarding layer between your company servers and outside traffic.


Although hackers may have access to your proxy, they will have difficulty reaching the server that is running the web software where your information is stored. It might be hard to fully keep top hackers at bay with just a proxy IP alone, but there are fewer chances of becoming vulnerable.

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