Top 5 tips to find a business coach

There are a number of people who will tell you that if you have to run a successful business, you should look for a good business coach. People spend thousands of dollars to attend business seminars where speakers like Tony Robbins will guide them regarding how they have to shape up their business and their day to day life in order to succeed. However, as one suit cannot fit everyone, a single coach may not be enough for each and every one of you. Thus, you have to begin the hunt yourself to find out who indeed matches your criteria and who fits your taste so that you can climb the ladder and become a successful entrepreneur on your own. Here are a few tips that will help you in finding the right business coach.

Get someone who shares the same mindset and chemistry as yours
There are individuals that have the hesitation when it comes to asking the question. They do not put up the necessary queries that are critical for finding out whether the person is right for you or not. Thus, they end up with something that is not good for them, and they regret it. Therefore, as you are about to select the coach, do think about whether the person shares the same mindset as yours. See how they feel and what they think and try to match up whether it is what you want or you need to switch your path. He is something who will be with you for a long time, like a good tattoo crafted on your body. So, don’t be shy to get into the nitty-gritty details.

Get someone who holds you accountable
So, coming to the next point, when it is about the coach, he should be a person who holds you responsible for all the profit loss. There are individuals that get a coach who starts every conversation in a weird way where you will have to think business all the time. It can become hectic and may get on to the nerves of a person. Also, there are times when you may start expanding your business so much so that you outgrow all the competition and even your current coach. Thus, all the success and failure must belong to you only, and the coach should hold you accountable to your primary goals.

Honesty is necessary!
Keep in mind that honesty is everything and anything that you can ask for in a person. You are not just doing a business and taking experience from your coach. He is a person who has to be honest with you. He should be the one who understands where you lack and must give you a warning call when he thinks that you are about to do something that is likely to go wrong. Do listen to the stories that your mentor tells you regarding his experience and try to relate them to your current situation so that you can have a clear overview of what you must do next. He should be honest with you regarding where you are right and where you are wrong.

A mentor is always better than a coach
What do coaches like Tony Robbins do? They try to be a mentor than a coach. Now, what is the difference between a mentor and a coach? Well, in the perspective that we are talking about here, the coach is more of a professional who can let you know about the do’s and don’ts and may share some experience with you. However, the mentor is someone who takes you from scratch, picks you up, provides you with the ropes and ties and give you the insights of the field that you are about to step in so you have a good idea of what may come your way.

Look for someone with opposite strengths
The best way to select a coach is to get a person who is good at something where you may lack the required skills. For instance, you may be weak in X and active in Y. Getting someone who is an expert in Y may not bring the best out of you are the X part will still be left unaddressed. However, getting the person who is right in X can do wonders for you as you will strengthen your weak areas and bring the best out of yourself.

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