The Android operating system from Google Inc.

Android is a giant platform possessing raw power of Google. Google’s mobile OS has been employed in many of the Android-based smartphone and Android tablets on the market. It is an open source operating system developed by Google developers designed primarily for touchscreen devices. Android source code is released by Google under an open source license; it encourages a large number of the developer community to work on the open source code to make Android better.

Nowadays, most of the smartphone manufacturer prefers Android OS for their device instead of other OS. Manufacturers such as Samsung, Xiaomi, LG, Sony, OnePlus, Oppo and many other companies devices are powered by the Android operating system. Android recently released a new version of its OS, Android 8.X, also known as Android Oreo. Introduced with some exciting new features and UI changes, it is supposed to be the smoothest OS in Android series up till now.

Some new features in Android Oreo:

  • Better Storage Management
  • Picture in Picture mode
  • Updates even if your device have insufficient storage space
  • Autofill Password
  • Notification Dots
  • Wi-Fi improvements
  • Notification Channels
  • User Interface improvements and much more

There are the majority of mobile phones and tablets are powered by the Android operating system. People use such devices in their day to day activities. A large number of the developer community is working on Developing Application for Android devices; the reason behind the development is a large number of user databases all over the world. Android in a matter of seconds is the quickest developing and among the most beneficial versatile application improvement stages. Here is some reason why the Android operating system is better than iOS and other operating systems.

Features of Android Operating system:

User Interface: the User interface of Android is different from other OS such as iOS from Apple. This is one of the reasons behind people loves Android devices. Android is equipped with simple and easy to understand interface. There is no special computer knowledge is required to work with it. Any layman can easily use any Android device without facing any problem.

Simple: Unlike other operating systems, Google Android is designed by keeping user experience in the mind. It consists of lots of features which are very easy to use. There is no extra technical knowledge is required to work with Android. Any first timer and an experienced user can use Android OS with ease. If you are music lover then, you can easily transfer music and other data such as Photos, videos and other from your device to computer and vice versa.

Security: Most of the people thinks Android is not secure as compared to other OS. But it is not true; Android has completely changed from past few years. Google is now mainly focusing on to the security feature of their OS. The latest build of Android Oreo is high-secured with latest encryption technology. Unlike other operating systems, Android is fastest as well as secure and release Android security patches every month.

Customization: The main reason behind the popularity of Android operating system is Customization. Customization allows the user to keep new look to the software of their Android device as per needs. There are lots of features are available in Android that makes your customization experience easier and convenient.

Custom ROMs: This is one of the best features of the Android operating system that every tech geek loves. There are a large number of developer communities working on Android Open Source Project some popular Custom ROMs are Lineage OS, Resurrection Remix, Viper OS, Nitrogen OS and many others. These ROMs build by such community enable the user to customize their Android device as per needs. Simply, you just have to flash such Custom ROMs from your recoveries such as TWRP or any other.

Android is not limited to the only smartphone. It is designed for many other devices such as Mobile phone, tablet, and computer. Google also developed Android OS for wearable devices and automobile. With the advent of such innovations, the growth of wearable devices such as Smartwatches is rapidly increasing. Most of the companies are investing their huge amount of money on research and development of such devices. This smart operating system has completely changed the automobile and wearable device industry.

According to the report, Google is planning to use Android in their self-driving car. Android plays an important role in the car and works as a driver; it handles the car radar, sensors, and steering wheel with its machine learning and artificial intelligence.

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