Open a new company in Jebel Ali free zone

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Jebel Ali free zone is also known as JAFZA has a lot of business opportunities for entrepreneurs. This free economic zone is helping the people in enhancing their businesses to a great extent. The operations are of a standardized size and the readily built warehouses are also provided to the people as well. All of them and so many other facilities are being provided to the people who are showing interest in starting their businesses in JAFZA. This will not only play a part in increasing the economy of UAE but also will help the businesses in increasing their status in society.

Before you start a get a jafza trade license, you must know that your business nature is dependent upon the number of shareholders in your company.

There are 4 different types of businesses that you can do if you are looking forward to starting a business set up in UAE. The number of shareholders present in your company will determine the company type. That is why you need to have an idea about the business formation types and the number of shareholders in your company.

Multiple shareholders

From 2 to 50 shareholders can form a Free Zone Company (FZCo) in JAFZA. One thing that should be noted here is that the shareholders can be from different companies, same company, different individuals, non-individuals and both as well. the company type of Free Zone Company (FZCo) is a limited liability company. This company will be in the vicinity of the free zone and the liabilities of the company will be limited to the capital.

If there are 2 to 500 shareholders, they can set their   Public Listed Company (PLC) in the premises of Free zone as well. Same is the case with PLC. The shareholders can be individuals, non-individuals or even both.

Single shareholder

No matter whether it is an individual or a whole company, it can be registered as a single shareholder in JAFZA. This will be actually a limited liability company within JAFZA. A single shareholder will be the owner and he will be able to take all the decisions of the company on its own. Also, FZCo will have a legal distinct personality.

Existing established entity

If any entity has established its business outside the premises of JAFZA already., it would easily be allowed to set up its branch company in JAFZA. This branch company will be owned wholly by the front company and the operating system will also be just like that of the parent company. for more details about jafza offshore business setup visit this. The name, company functions and everything else of the branch company will be the same as that of the parent company.

Start your business set up in JAFZA with the help of business consultants as soon as possible. The facilities are huge in number so do not delay the benefit or else you will lose the opportunity to bring your dreams into existence. A single step of yours will take you to the glory.

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