Leading Audiobook Providers on Test

Audiobooks have witnessed a surge in popularity in recent years, possibly on the wave of the podcast craze, but which Audiobook provider offers the widest range and best value for money? Read on to find out just which one we recommend and why.


Quite probably the most famous of Audiobook providers. Audible offers a wide range of Audiobooks from literally thousands of publishers. Audible offers a monthly service, whereby you pay £7.99 per month (You can get a 1 month free trial via Newbie Deals) and then you get to choose an Audio Book to listen to. It’s yours to keep as well and can work out cheaper for anyone that purchases Audiobooks on a regular basis.


Kobo don’t have a monthly subscription service, but you can get your first Audiobook for free if you are a new customer. Like Audible, there are thousands of different authors to choose from and many are very reasonably priced. Make sure you check out their discounts section as you can more often than not, find some fantastic bargains on some titles that are recently released.  If it’s a wide range of products at good prices that you’re after, then Kobo is a supplier that’s worth looking into.


Probably the best value of the providers and works on a subscription basis, with Scribd, you pay a flat fee of £11.99 per month (you get your first month free as a new customer) and for that, you get unlimited access to all books and audiobooks that are in the Scribd collection. There may not be as many authors in the Scribd collection compared with Audible and Kobo, but there is more than enough content to keep you interested and there is a great deal added on a monthly basis, just don’t expect the very latest releases.

Overall these audiobook providers each offer a different proposition depending on how frequently you want to listen to audiobooks. If you are an avid listener to Audiobooks, then definitely give Scribd a go. If it’s just one-off occasional audiobook use that you are keen on, then Kobo is the winner in our eyes.

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