Optimizing Website Navigation Ideas to Maximize User Experience

It is important to highly optimize website navigation ideas with the purpose of providing a great website for users. Within any website, navigation is the most essential part that could either helpful or unhelpful for users accessing the website. Making the website user friendly and effective in its use is the main goal when dealing with the so-called website navigation. Good thing about this matter is that no regulations at all regarding the way to optimize websites for better user experience. Before getting into the core of website navigation, it is important to really understand its basic concept first.

Website Navigation Ideas Basic

Navigation on a website consists of different tools in a perfect combination that will help users to browse the website. It is pretty much like a map in an interactive way within a website. Each page of a website should be designed carefully to deliver specific information only. There should be no repetition in terms of the information displayed on each page of a website. It is advisable upon working on the navigation of a web by being the users. Try to imagine and visualize the needs of the users upon accessing the website.

There are three basic things to keep in mind when dealing with website navigation system. Those things are design, structure, and conciseness. Once those three things have been combined properly within a website, the navigation will be a great one which will highly increase user experience. So, how to properly maximize those three things?

When it comes to design of a website, there are no limitations at all. It can be based on anything according to anyone. Unfortunately with the thought to maximize website navigation ideas in mind, the design aspect is rather restricted. The most recommended way to optimize website design is by considering uniformity, readability, and being organic. In short, website design should not be too complicated, too old, and even too unique. Think about the websites that you access very often and try to pay attention to the design. Popular websites will look pretty simple while also easy to navigate when searching for something specific.

Next thing to pay attention upon optimizing website navigation is the structure of the website. It refers to the so-called table of contents in which users will be able to go to a specific area of the website easily. The contents of the website should be displayed upfront as well so that users will not waste their time searching for something that turns out to be unavailable within the website. It can be started by creating a highly detailed study of the website information architecture. Navigation layers should be at minimum so that users will not get complicated by them.

One last thing is the so-called conciseness. It refers to the simplicity of words displayed on the website to deliver information towards the users. It should be in accordance to the minimum number of navigation layers as previously mentioned. Add only words related to any information provided by the website.

Types of Website Navigation Ideas

Generally there are only two types of website navigation known as vertical and horizontal. The horizontal navigation is the one considered to be traditional. Most websites today can remain using this navigation style. Functionality and convenience are well-combined within this type so that it really I a popular choice. It is popular since it is the most standard orientation on many screens. All important items can be set to be active at the same time so that users will find it easier to navigate websites using this navigation style.

Meanwhile the so-called vertical navigation is somewhat new with its purpose to maximize users using smartphones to access the website. It is considerably compact with the main navigation menu commonly placed on the left. The menu will expand upon a click to it. Moreover the placement of navigation menu on the top let of a website makes it easier to edit in the future. Thus the vertical navigation type is perfect for websites having many possible contents to be added later on.

Now, with all the basics regarding website navigation have been covered, it should be easy to maximize the user experience upon accessing a website. One thing to remember though is to always look at everything from the point of view of the users. Sometimes it is important to randomly browse the web to get different views and insights regarding website navigation ideas from many websites all over the web out there.

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