Sophisticated Devices and Features to be Popular in 2018

Last year, there were so many things to be seen in the world of gadgets. One of them was the launch of many features in which for some people, it is not known whether it is really advantageous or not. Meanwhile for some others, some features are indeed worth to be awaited for. Based on the latest mobile technology news, the trend of new features is still continued this year. At least, it can be seen from some brands who introduce some combination features and they are set up to attract the customers’ demands more. Some of them are indeed great and ultimately needed. So, what are they?

High-Quality Camera

The technlogy of double camera was firstly introduced by iPhone 8 and Samsung Galaxy 8. Those two vendors indeed compete recently including producing clearer and detailed images as well as bringing out greater bokeh effects. In 2017, many kinds of medium-class Smartphone also have applied this camera; let’s say Xiaomi Mi A1, Motorola Moto G5s, and Asus Zenfone 4.

Well, this tradition is predicted to be improved in 2018. Some vendors even start to make further innovation. One of them is Huawei with P11 device that is rumored to bring out the 3-lenses camera. This product is based on the cooperation between Huawei and Leica, a high class optic company. Meanwhile, Huawei P11 itself will feature both main and front cameras with 40 MP and 20 MP respectively, 5x hybrid zoom, and the combination of algorithm Al as it has been featured by Pixel camera. So, will this camera from Huawei really release? Just wait and see.

Augmented Reality

In the past two years, augmented reality was still a premature technology. The implementation is also only around industry and game, not in the real life functionally. But recently, some brands like Google and Apple have introduced it in their devices. As a result, the previous technology like Virtual Reality (VR) is started to leave behind by the users. Despite it is not practical, VR needs additional device to be added on the head, known as VR Gear, which is quite expensive as well. Sure, AR that doesn’t need any additional device tends to be demanded by the users as well as producers.

The example of AR usage is on Google Pixel 2. In this device, some features are integrated; they are Google lens and AR stickers. Meanwhile, Apple also has introduced Arkit, framework augmented reality that is ready to be integrated in its products; iPhone and iOS.

Face Identifier

This feature was firstly introduced by Apple in the form of Face ID. Unfortunately, the first response from the market was not really good. However, it seems that this technology is predicted to be likable in the future. Many other vendors then compete to bring out this feature. What is the function of face identifier actually? Without touching the screen, you are able to activate the Smartphone. Just simply point it on your face and the phone is simply unlocked.

There are still many home works for the vendors to make this technology perfect. In fact, there are still some problems experienced while using face identifier. One of them is when the identified face has acne or scar. Sometimes, this feature cannot just recognize the face. Meanwhile, it cannot differentiate faces of the identical twins.

Wireless Charging

Have you ever tought of using wireless charger to recharge your Smartphone and any other devices? Maybe, it is just you don’t want to be puzzled with the tangled wires around. If you have expected such a thing, be happy now. many Smartphone vendors have tried to developed the wireless charger in which the design will be thinner and more futuristics. Besides, it is possible also if the price for each charger device can be cheaper for the less materials used.

Meanwhile, another feature related to charger is about the fast charging. Just imagine if your Smartphone’s battery can just be full faster only in 5 minutes. If those two features are really realized, they will ease our life more for sure.

iOT Supports

iOT stands for Internet of Things. What is it? it can be explained as follows. Some years ago, if you want to differentiate Smartphone and other conventional mobile phones, it is determined by the difference features and multitasking abilities. Now, the definition of Smartphone seems more than that.

More modern and futuristic Smartphone must be able to monitor and even control the use of other devices in our daily life. Some of them are to control the Smartwatch, electric lamp, alarm, CCTV, TV, water heater, and many more. Those devices should be able to be connected each other in one Smartphone to form perfect Internet of Things (iOT).

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