5 Types of Resistance Bands

5 Types of Resistance Bands

Although the name “Resistance Band” delivers a meaning of any band which provides resistance. But there are different types of bands available in the market. There are bands with different resistance levels and different quality. These bands work as an accessory to your workouts. But as the car or any other accessories must match with each other; the same is with resistance bands. It’s important that you choose the correct resistance band as per your skill level and your workout plan.

How to choose the correct resistance band:

For choosing the correct size of resistance band you can use the rule of thumb: Try the band such that you feel muscle fatigue from moderate to maximum in 15 to 25 repetitions. You will understand if its too easy or extra hard for you. Hold the bands strongly and keep a slow and steady pace.  In this article, we will discuss various types of pull up bands and which one is best suitable for you.


Long Looped bands are also known as Pull Up Assist Bands. These bands are on the top of list. These are mostly about an inch wide and two to three feet long. These bands are colour coded according the different level of resistance provided by them. 

Uses; You can use these bands for almost any workout. In general, you use these bands by anchoring either under your feet or with a stable structure and hold the free ends in your hands. As these bands are versatile in the resistance you can choose any of them according to your skill level. You can use these bands as Assistance Bands, Full body Workout Bands, Physical Therapy Bands, Muscles Strengthening, Stability and body Resistance bands. So, whether you need an athletic training or bodybuilding workout these bands are a perfect choice for you.


Tube resistance bands have two handles at both ends of the bands. These bands work much like dumbbells and other gym machines. The handles can also be used for anchoring the bands with a bar or an anchor point. As the bands are few feet long and so are the most intuitive resistance bands. To perform the exercises, you need to hold the handles in your hands while anchoring the band under your feet. The handles definitely add safety to injury from holding the bands. Furthermore, tube with handles add comfort to your workouts and prevents your irritation from rubber bands.

Uses: These bands are best for Upper Body Workouts as the handles are the biggest draw for Biceps Curls, Chest Pressure etc. However, these bands are a bit pricier than the usual type band.


Small looped bands also known as Booty Bands are bands with smaller loop. The general size is 9 inches length and 2 inches width. The bands are of different resistance levels of various colours. The bands are smaller, thinner but wider. These bands help you in increasing the body strength and stability. Booty Bands are especially best for Lower Body workouts and for lateral movements.

Uses: These bands can be used for various workouts. Mini bands are perfect to use for body weight training. For example, you can get fabulous hip and glute activation by just placing them above your knees or at your ankles. Moreover, like other resistance bands, the Mini Bands are also good shoulder and elbow stabilization tool. Similarly, you can do Toning, Rehabilitation, Shaping and warmups with Small Looped Bands.


Therapy bands are Long and thin, also known as ‘Free Bands.’ The free bands mean they do not make a loop. These bands are generally made of latex material which is Tina and lighter in tension than all other resistance bands. this feature separates these bands as the perfect tool for rehabilitative exercises as told by your physical therapist these are super light and are manually knotted.

Uses: These bands are used by people who want to regain strength after an injury. the elderly person also uses these bands for a law impact workout. You can use the bands by anchoring the middle portion under your feet and holding the ends in each hand. Otherwise, you can simply make a knot to create your own short looped band. These types of bands are used to improve mobility, muscle toning, weight loss, flexibility, and specially for physical therapy and rehabilitation.


As the name shows, these bands are 8-figure Shaped. There are handles at the both ends of 8 shape. The bands are highly stretchable, means you can stretch them as much as you want. This makes these bands perfect for upper and lower body workouts. Due to smaller loop, these bands can work as mini bands for lateral movements as well. The handles at the ends mimic the tube resistance bands. So, these bands actually engage almost your full body muscles. These bands provide you an innovative type of workout and make it more exciting.

Uses: These bands are used for various functional resistance exercises. From muscle strengthening, Muscle endurance to weight lose, these bands are perfect.


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