eHopper All – in – One POS System to Effectively Run Small Business

POS, or point-of-sale systems, are specially designed to help business owners keep track of their business operations. eHopper’s All–in–One POS system is a complete POS solution that will allow any small business or quick service restaurant run more effectively.

All – in – One POS System’s Overview

The All–in-One POS system from eHopper is a complete solution perfect managing any small business. With this software, users will be able to do many business tasks at once. From monitoring employees time clocks, to managing business inventory, or tracking business expenses, you can do it all with eHopper’s POS system. The All-in-One POS hardware comes with a 14in HD touchscreen, multiple ports, and a built-in high-speed receipt printer. It also includes 2GB RAM and a processor to help you store your important data. A great feature of the hardware is that it supports Bluetooth and WiFi, allowing you to access your sales from anywhere and anytime. eHopper is intuitive, easy-to-use, and doesn’t require long training for you or your employees.

Advantages of using eHopper POS Solution

Advantages that users can get from the eHopper all – in – one POS system, include:

  1.    Compatible with All Devices

eHopper POS is compatible with Android, Windows PC, and  iOS via iPads. Easily monitor your business, whether you are at home, in the office, or even on vacation.

  1.    Reporting

Easily access full reports by simply touching the screen. All your data is collected in real time

  1.    Localization

Easy localization set up, with several languages supported. eHopper POS supports several global currencies  There’s even a date format system to adjust the local time time on the hardware.

  1.   Payment

The eHopper All–in–One POS system can process either credit, debit, or cash payments. You can even use Samsung Pay and Apple Pay with the Pax Terminal.

  1.    Free

eHopper is free for you to try out. Beyond that, there’s several products perfect for many times of business.

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