Is This the First Luxury Compact Pickup in the World?

It’s finally a reality! The Mercedes Benz X Class (first luxury compact pickup truck) began as a concept in late March 2015 and is now in the market with its 2018 model. Nonetheless, lovers of Mercedes have witnessed some models modified into pickups from the German manufacturers. The iconic G-Class features 4×4 and 6×6 pickup trucks. According to the manufacturers, the X-Class is the first authentic pickup truck with luxury. The Mercedes X-Class began with Pure, Progressive, and Power trim levels.


The X-class is something new and is targeting the likes of Nissan Navara, VW Amarok, and Toyota Hilux. The build of the car largely resembles the Navara mentioned above. It has an equivalent 2.3-liter Renault-engineered turbo diesel, identical ladder frame chassis, corresponding switchable 4-wheel drive rig with low range, etc.

On the outside, Mercedes has done an excellent job of disguising this fact. Until you reach the far end of the car, the X-Class looks different, well-aligned with the rest of Mercedes’ passenger and industrial car ranges. Only a few exterior features like the kick-up in the back passenger window and design of the rear lights resemble Nissan’s.

The Interior

As with the body, Mercedes has worked carefully to provide the X-Class a perceptible lift over the vehicle it’s based on. To make the car not seem so alien to its loyal customers, Mercedes features their usual cues from column stalks to the click wheel. The car doesn’t match up to the MLE or E-Class, but it is tolerable. Nonetheless, the vehicle’s quality is more of a mixed pack. Even though the switchgear is excellent, the car seats are unsupportive with a diminished overall appearance and texture compared to the other Mercedes models apart from the A-class.


From the start, Mercedes gives an option of two types: X250d and X220d. The earlier model uses a manual gearbox that emits 200 grams of carbon dioxide per kilometer and costs from 35,986.93 USD. The recent model utilizes a 7-speed automatic gearbox and emits 207 grams of carbon dioxide every kilometer. This model is priced from 38,619.91 USD. Alternatively, if you are looking for a cheaper means of getting the vehicle, you can contact Milani Exotic Car Rentals website and inquire about their rental charges. This way, you get to test out the car and make a personal decision on whether it’s worth an investment or not.

Keep in mind that carbon dioxide emissions will cost you a substantial amount of tax. Let’s admit that in real-life, nobody cares or knows that it’s based on a Nissan. It’s aesthetically different enough and wears the Mercedes badge boastfully enough to convince most customers that it’s a genuine Benz.

Conclusively, it all depends on your viewpoint. Do you need and treasure a pickup truck? Then this adds a façade of comfort, equipment, and appearance. If you’re switching from an SUV, you might be saving money, but be forewarned about the trade-offs you’ll need to make. What we see is a slightly modified pickup, but not one that transforms either the label or the class.

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