What Should You Look For When Picking An Office Chair?

Many workers sit for around 40 hours every week – a huge amount of time to be in a chair. It’s no wonder then that so many companies are now paying more attention to their choice of office chairs for their workforce. Finding chairs which are well designed and which won’t cause any physical problems which could cause workers to take time off for problems such as bad backs is vital.

Ergonomics Is Key

Research has been carried out over many years into the benefits of ergonomics in the workplace, and evidence has sown that supportive office chairs not only help to reduce back and leg problems but also maximize efficiency and productivity in the office. Although ergonomically designed chairs are more expensive than the cheapest options on the market, they offer a host of benefits which can actually save the company money in the long run.

A Stylish Look

Although ergonomics are still key when choosing an office chair, many company owners are more concerned by aesthetics than by worker wellness. Having chairs which look attractive may be important, however physical benefits must take priority. Therefore, finding the right balance between good looks and supportiveness must be achieved.

Good Lumbar Support

Perhaps the first thing to look out for in your office chairs is good lumbar support. This will offer the sitter better support for their lower back. The best office chairs feature adjustable lumbar supports so the user will be able to adjust the chair to accommodate their own individual needs. Lumbar support is vital for preventing back pain which could eventually turn into debilitating sciatica.


Virtually every office chair features arm and height adjustment functions, but when you’re buying office chairs you need to look for a little more variety in the adjustments which can be made. You need to look for a minimum of five different adjustments, and the best chairs have as many as 14 options to pick from. You should look for adjustable lumbar supports, arm height and width, seat back height and width, back and seat angles as well as tension control. Lots of chairs feature dial control supports, although some can be controlled using a bulb-style pump like that of a blood pressure monitor.


Virtually every design of office chair features a wheeled base, but if your office has carpets, you might need to choose office chairs which have wheels that have been specifically designed for use on carpets. Rolling is vital if you intend to prevent strain from reaching over desks to get items which cannot easily be reached.

Swivel Function

Every office chair should be able to freely swivel in order to allow the user to access all areas of their desk and workspace easily. When chairs don’t swivel freely, the result can be arm fatigue from having to over-extend in order to reach different items.


You should choose an office chair with breathable fabric to prevent the seat from becoming too uncomfortable hot even when the user sits in its for several hours. It’s also important to consider padding and cushioning. The person who sits in the chair should be able to sit without feeling the chair’s base through the upholstery.

Having good quality office chairs is extremely important. Not only will an ergonomically designed office chair reduce back strain but it will also prevent the discomfort and fatigue which all too often comes from sitting down for many hours in a row.

Evidence has shown that employees who are comfortable during their working day are a lot more effective and productive, contributing to a positive working environment a lot more than employees who are uncomfortable at their desks. Also, when you choose the right comfortable chairs for your workforce, there will be fewer breaks taken by uncomfortable workers and less time off due to back strain.

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