Key Tips On Choosing The Perfect Business Name For Your New Business

We have the perfect idea for a business. We plan out the logistics, and we source the best suppliers. However, we need the perfect business name to match! The right business name can open doors for us and set us on the path to success. The wrong one can determine the demise of our business venture. Naturally, we need to find a name that works effectively for our specific business. How do we go about choosing the perfect one?

  • The name must look visually appealing. When potential customers see our brand name, it must be easy on the eyes. When we are brainstorming about our business name, we should already consider the brand’s design as well. We play with colors, fonts, and possible logos. Customers must fall in love with the name of our business at first sight. More importantly, people should be able to immediately visualize our product or service by looking at our brand name. There is no need to keep potential clients guessing as to what it is precisely that we offer.


  • The name must leave a striking impression on customers. Chances are, we are offering a service or selling a product that may already be available on the market. If we want our business to fly, customers must remember our name. Brand recall is crucial.


  • To facilitate brand recall, the perfect business name has to be easy to pronounce. We want to get our customers excited to talk about our products and services and to spread the word to others. However, if they can’t pronounce our brand name correctly, you can bet they won’t be mentioning it to their friends.


  • The perfect name is easy on the eyes, easy to pronounce, and easy to spell! We can do away with ambiguous spellings, and choose names that are striking and straightforward.


  • The perfect business name exudes energy. For example, the name Sprite for a soda is zesty and energetic. We want clients to be excited about what we offer. We, therefore, need to give them a name to rave about.


  • The business name must give off not only energy but warmth as well. Upon seeing our brand, customers must find it easily relatable. We must craft a name that can potentially become a household brand. This tip especially matters when our business is offering a service or product that may be very mechanical, such as electrical or automotive services. How do we get our clients to identify with us? For instance, one electrical power provider in the states of Wisconsin and Michigan in America changed their brand and called their business We Energies. Nobody really gets excited about electricity, but We Energies calling their business as such engages the customers effectively and makes them stand out over other electrical companies.


  • An effective business name should evoke positive connotations from our customers. If we want our products to sell, our clients must relate only positive ideas with our name. Consumers always go with what is uplifting and positive.


  • The perfect business name must already indicate what we do. Within a few seconds, we should be able to give our customers a clear idea about what we offer. At the same time, the business name should be short and to the point.


Meeting all the criteria as mentioned earlier can be quite a herculean feat. How do we create a business name that perfectly answers to all the above? Challenging, yes. Impossible, no. This is where companies such as Capstone come in to assist us. Part of their services involves helping financial advisers with brand development and evolution, and Capstone has become quite a leader in this field. It is entirely worth our while to invest in crafting the perfect business name if we want to set off on the right foot and succeed.

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