Tips to choose the Right Thanksgiving Dinner Table Cloth

Thanksgiving is an event when you can invite your friend and family to home for a dinner or a throw an evening surprise party to them. In fact, even when you are planning to give them a surprise, the planning for your party should be done well ahead. Not just the menu, but you have to prepare the venue also correctly in order to make your party a memorable event to all.

While considering the venue arrangements, one crucial thing is the arrangement of the dinner tables and the choice of the table cloth to be used. There are many options when it comes to choosing appropriate tablecloth. The basic design elements to consider while selecting a suitable tablecloth are:

  • Dominance
  • Visual weight
  • Color
  • Texture, and
  • Pattern.

Let’s explore each one in detail:


On selecting a table cloth, dominance refers to the noticeable design element of it. An ideal table cloth will be a blend of its dominant color, texture, pattern, and how well it syncs with the room décor.

Visual weight

The visual weight of the table cloth for your Thanksgiving party relates to the proportions of the tablecloth with that of the other designs elements of the room. Say, for example:

  • For larger rooms: In a large room, it is best to keep the table setting a bit prominent to avoid feeling lost. So, for your Thanksgiving event, try to choose a heavy tablecloth woven big patterns which are compactly arranged to reflect its visual weight.
  • For smaller rooms, you can consider a tablecloth woven in an airy pattern to give a lighter feel


Color of the Thanksgiving table cloth is an important design element, which can set the mood for your meal for any dining table setting without changing tableware. For example:

  • For formal events, the color can be set as white or ivory. However, it is best to keep the base color of the dinnerware and tablecloth the same.
  • For informal dining, then you can mix and match any imaginable shades from bright to deep or lighter, from pastel to metallic or clean white.


The texture of tablecloth can directly relate to the finish of tableware and also the mood of the occasion.

  • For formal dining, you can plan for a texture like crystal, smoother porcelain, silver with a table cloth woven with a satin sheen or a damask.
  • For an informal setting, try informal textures ranging from coarse to dense or smooth.

You can find the smooth weaves of tablecloth compatible with any fine surfaces like bone china, porcelain, semiporcelain, ironstone, silver plate, silver, or stainless steel dinnerware. For the tablecloth, you can consider loosely woven fabrics of heavy materials which can rightly relate to the coarse textures.


Patterns can be small to large or subtle to bold, but to reflect the most appropriate mood of the occasion. For Thanksgiving, if you want to make it:

  • Formal: Then make the patterns subtle with motifs which don’t detract the diners from the profusions.
  • Informal: Then try to decorate the room with some colorful wallpaper with the usage of solid-covered tablecloth that can match to the room accent. In a room with painted walls, try to use a tablecloth which is woven in a simple design underscore.

The above points are to give you an overview, but as Thanksgiving is nearing, you can think of your own possible ways to make it a most memorable even by arranging the tableware, tablecloth, and dining space settings to the best of your imaginations.

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