The Best Applications to Edit Photos for iPhone and Android

Photo editing applications seem to be favorite tools nowadays. There are lots of tools or software available on web or smartphone store to ease each generation to edit and modify how they look. Not only it’s about the face or performance, these particular applications are required to beautify scenes, views as well as food and beverages. Photos have realized to be a kind of proof of one’s existence recently. Through photos, people can interact with their friends, known or not. It is proven when they install software or applications to edit and post photos. Realizing that photos or photography plays an important role in our life today, many companies compete to introduce their best services. Here are the top applications to edit photos for iPhone and Android.

• Develop your creativity with PicsArt

It is true that most photo editing applications offer ‘instant’ editing to produce wonderful photos. But we cannot ignore software like PicsArt that not only gives the best result, but also allows us to increase our creativity. Sometimes we are confused on how to choose the right filters for our photos. But with PicsArt, everything seems easy. With simple filters, Meme border, and writing, you are able to post and share single photo or collages. Also this application enables you to illustrate with the feature ‘drawing suite’. There are three advantages of installing this application. It is equipped with real-time filters, drawing suite and allows user to draw on pictures.

• Be a real photographer with VSCO Cam

VSCO Cam could be the most lovable applications to edit photos. The good thing about it is that VSCO Cam also offers people and those who love taking pictures platforms to see photos’ collection, read blog posts and visit journal feature. There are tons of creatives to be followed so you can get inspired by their works of arts. You can take a picture from its camera or just import pictures from gallery. After that, it is up to you to darken or brighten, alter the shadows, increase temperature, decrease saturation, and many more. A community is a good thing provided by VSCO Cam for users of iPhone and Android. Also you do not need to waste your time by closing this application and open another social media just to post pictures. With direct upload feature, it is easy for you to share your happiest moments to any social media. Since it becomes photographers’ favorite, there is no bad excuses for having perfect editing tools.

• Collage your moments!

With so many photo editing applications scattered on web or smartphone stores, feature to collage pictures also improves day by day. Each application has its own unique, and Pic Stich is an application you should have in creating a collage. There are many templates to choose from and border to pick. Collage won’t be boring as Pic Stich is designed with feature to combine vertical and horizontal photos in a frame. Filter selection will enhance every picture you have created into a collage. It is not complicated to use Pic Stich and with the ability to drag pictures, users do not have to worry anymore about the size of picture. Any kind of photos you have can be combined through this applications.

• Conceal shortages with Snapseed

We need to produce the best photos, either they are about human or things. Social media becomes the modern platform recently so people from all over the world can enjoy your work. It is important to see spots or shortages of pictures before uploading them to Facebook or Instagram, for instance. Snapseed could be the solution. You can crop, rotate, brush even fix and improve spots. Editing photos cannot succeed in one touch. You need to retouch, see the filters again, or do anything to make a perfect picture. With Snapseed, when you think the photo is too much and gone too far, you can go back to the original picture right before edited. It is because Snapseed keeps track of editing pictures.

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