Things to Keep in Mind when Selling Your Car in Dubai

If you’ve lived long enough in the UAE then you have probably come across the situation where you have had to sell your car. Generally, selling one’s car in the UAE is not that easy and especially in the metropolitan city of Dubai where time is precious. Anyhow if you are going to go and sell a car. We have mentioned some things that will help you get a good price for your car and also a special tip regarding that will make your task easier, but we’ll mention that in the end.

Trading in or Selling Privately?
The first question you need to have in your mind is amI selling and buying another car or are am just selling it since it was an extra vehicle. People thinking of buying a better or new car think that if they go for a trade in it will be cheaper. That isn’t always the case, generally, you can get a better price for your car if you sell it privately. In case you do opt for a trade-in the UAE the following points will still be useful.

Keep it Maintained – Fix it Up
Many people don’t realize this, although it’s quite obvious that any individual who is looking for a used vehicle wants something that is hassle free, that requires the least amount of work or that would be in a good condition. People are willing to pay extra for a car that is mechanically fit. So make sure that unless you need to sell your car fast because of a shortage of money or some similar reason that you fix up the car.Clean it Up Make it Shine
Ok, this one is pretty obvious, we all want something that is pleasing to the eyes and by that, I don’t mean that it should be a Ferrari, Lamborghini or some other supercar. Your car should be neat, clean and polished. It should look like it is well-maintained and taken care of. Unfortunately, in today’s world, people pay for the looks rather than what’s inside and it’s no different in the world of used cars. In fact, if you have a well-maintained car and that too in good condition, then you can ask for a higher price when you sell used a car and people will accept it.

Do Your Research
This is really important to get an idea of your car’s actual worth. The car’s make, model, year, type and condition determine its market value. If you have followed the above-mentioned points then your car will sell at the most optimum price. The question comes to mind how to get an idea of your car’s price. There are two ways – online and dealerships. Go to different websites that have used cars for sale on them and make a search for your cars make and model and by going through the various ads you will be able to get an idea of how much your car should go for. The second option is going to dealerships; it is more time consuming and relatively costs more. Since you would have to travel on your car to several dealers to get a proper estimate.

The Best Way to Sell Used CarHaving mentioned things to keep in mind when selling your car in Dubai, we come to what is the best way to sell a used car. Selling it to a dealership or selling it privately online, or something else? We have already mentioned that dealerships are not the best option since they will try to get you to trade in your car or try to purchase your car at a low price. In UAE, online ads are a relatively easier way as compared to dealerships and usually allow sellers to sell their car at a better price. The problem with these methods is that they are both time-consuming. This is where is invaluable; it is the best method to sell a car in Dubai hands down. The site makes the entire process of sell car a matter of minutes. You fill up their form and they evaluate your car for free and offer a competitive price. If you like it you can book an appointment where their agent will come and after a short inspection of the condition of the vehicle finalize the price. If you agree then they pay you with the required amount in whatever method suits you and help you with the paperwork as well.

The things we have mentioned will ensure that you get the best possible price for your car with the least amount of hassle. We hope you will keep them in mind whenever you come across a situation where you need to sell your car.

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