The Importance of Recycling: The Different Uses of Recycle Bins

The importance of recycling has never been clearer. Everyone can get into the mindset of recycling and one of the best ways is to use recycling bins. Often available in the workplace and home, here we take a look:

Curbside Recycling Bins

Let’s start at the street with recycling bins for home use, and work our way in. Most people have seen the blue bins out by the street with items for recycling. When you purchase the big, blue recycling bins for your home, there are a number of options you can look for. For instance, did you know that you can get the bins with wheels? While plastic may not get very heavy, glass certainly does, and those wheels will come in handy. You can also get wall brackets for the bins, so if you have a work area in your garage, you can mount these recycling bins for home use on the garage wall and keep them out of the way in the house. With the wheels attached, they’ll be easy to wheel out to the curb.

Yard Recycling Bins

These are actually large recycling bins for home use that have built in wheels, so that you can wheel them out to the curb. Some of them even have carts to make transport easier. These are especially useful in multi-family homes and apartments.

Stackable Recycling Bins

For a little more space saving solution with your recycling bins for home use, purchase stackable recycling bins. These bins feature a flap opening that extends out from the top, so that you can stack the bins and still have access to the inside. These bins will also attach to the wall, keeping them up off the floor and easy to clean around. It’s easy to remove the individual containers, and they come in various colors so that you can color code your recyclables.

Kitchen Recycling Bins

If you’re looking for recycling bins for home kitchens, you have many opportunities here, too. Many of these bins are narrow, making them more adaptable to different spaces in your home. Look for your choice of lids on these. Some have openings, such as the round hole opening specifically for aluminum cans. Other recycling bins for your home have flaps that rise up when you make your deposit, and then drop closed when you remove your hand. Other kinds of flaps are the flippers that spin when you tap them, revealing the opening. You can also get recycling bins for your home with simple lift-to-open lids. Whether you choose labeled openings, flaps, or lids, you can be sure that the materials within are secured from sight, making a neater, more attractive recycling area.

Other features available with recycling bins for home use are internal bag hooks. You’ll be surprised at how nice this can be, because you won’t have to dig down into the bin to find the edge of the bag and pull it back up. Look for appropriate labels, too, and remember, you can get different sizes in recycling bins for home use to accommodate different amounts of waste.

Want a recycle bin? Try – Whether you’re a business wanting to jump on-board the green movement, or want to do more from your home – now is the time to consider the true benefits from recycling.

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