8 Capstone Project Ideas for Nursing from Experts

In an attempt to complete your nursing studies, you are going to have to write a great capstone project. This is the last project you have to complete to get your degree. A lot of long hours have gone into this and you now have to conquer the final hurdle. It may seem impossible to you at times, but you have the skills to complete it. With capstone project ideas for nursing, you really want to dig deep. Find what you are passionate about and link that to the topic you chose. These 8 capstone project ideas are some of the most popular choices and with good reason.

1.     Cardiac complications

Most nurses have experienced some cardiac crisis during their time at work. This is probably one of the most frightening experiences because of the limited amount of time the patient has. Delving into this area of research can teach you a lot of skills for when you are qualified and can make you a better nurse. This is a popular project choice because it would show the care you have for your future patients.

2.     Dementia

It is exciting that we are now able to diagnose dementia in older people. Imagine a world without this being a known condition is upsetting. Nurses are now familiar with the diagnoses of dementia and it is positive progress. Focusing your capstone project nursing on this topic would be an interesting one.

3.     ADHD

Just like we need to focus on our elderly, you can decide to base it on a condition that kids are struggling with. ADHD has really come to the forefront and it is great. Kids are now able to get the help they deserve from an early age. If you can find any evidence in your research for improving the help we can give these kids, you are on a winning streak.

4.     Nursing life balance

Sometimes you can step away from any medical conditions and focus on the life of nurses. The long hours and being on your feet the whole day can take a toll on your body. Having to balance that with all your other responsibilities can also be exhausting. You can research what the current work-life balance is for nurses and how to improve it.

5.     Vaccines

Right now, this is a controversial topic, but it could make it even better to write about. Some parents are against vaccinations, but most medical professionals understand the importance thereof. You can explore the two sides of the spectrum and come up with conclusive evidence of why vaccines are necessary to prevent certain illnesses.

6.     Asthma

Kids are now diagnosed with asthma at an early age. A lot of environmental factors play a role here and it could be great to research. Your job as a nurse is always based on the treatment of patients. They come in all shapes and sizes and different ages. Asthma does not discriminate and there is a lot of research to be done on treating and preventing this life-threatening issue.

7.     Breastfeeding

We are seeing the breastfeeding issues rising right now and people are opposed to seeing a mother breastfeeding her child. This has caused a lot of social media attention lately. Covering capstone topics that are trending is a great way to increase your chances of a high score. Make sure that you back everything up with evidence.

8.     Improvement in healthcare

The medical industry has come a long way and is constantly improving. This is reassuring, to say the least. You can base your project on these changes over the decades. Patients and medical professionals are excited about what has been done already and what could possibly happen going forward. Compare where we are now to the future possibilities can make you feel proud of being a nurse.

Does any of these nursing capstone project ideas interest you?

We need to select topics that make us feel excited to cover. If you are passionate about solving certain medical issues, you are in the right industry. Every nurse has a reason for choosing this career route. It is important to reflect and show that you did not choose this by chance. Let your passion shine through your capstone project. It not only shows that you care about your future patients, but that you also care about the future and possibilities of medicine.

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