Want To Purchase/Rent A Mobile Home? 5 Things To Learn About Them

Have you considered buying or renting a mobile home? It can be a great change to your routine and lifestyle. Along with that, whether you’re looking for mobile homes for rent in orange county or the rest of California, you’ll discover there are many positives and advantages to living in one, and we’ll cover 5 of those main points in this post.

#1 – Likely the Greatest Advantage – You’ll Save Money!

All across the United States people are choosing to downsize where they are living and simplifying their motorhome trips lifestyles. Money is one of the major motivating factors leading to this growing trend.

Having a huge home loan to try and pay back every month is stressful, and actually unnecessary in many ways when there are other options.

Mobile home living is considerably cheaper than living in a conventional house. It doesn’t matter whether you buy or rent a mobile home. The cost will be way less, which means more money in your pocket for life’s other pleasures.

Not only do you save money on either paying back a loan or high rent, you’ll also find your utility bills are cheaper when you live in a smaller residence, and that means even more disposable income for you.

Financially, mobile home living is a win-win scenario all round whether you decide to buy one or simply rent one.

#2 – Enjoy All of the Park Amenities

Most mobile homes for purchase or to rent are located within mobile home parks. When you live in the park you get to take advantage of all of the park’s amenities and facilities. Some mobile home parks are like holiday resorts, with swimming pools, entertaining areas, game’s rooms and possibly even a community tennis court.

Some mobile home parks can be more like retirement villages and perfect for seniors. There are also parks that mainly cater to families, and these will likely feature playgrounds to keep the kids amused while the adults enjoy a favorite beverage with a meal.

You’ll also find you’ll make a lot of new friends within the park if you make the most of the available amenities. Mobile home parks have a strong community vibe that you’ll really enjoy.

#3 – When You Buy a Mobile Home You Don’t Need To Buy Land

When it comes to mobile home parks, they are divided up into small house lots. These lots are the property of the park owners. The lots are then rented out to mobile homeowners and those renting both the lot and home.

If you decide to buy a mobile home, you won’t need to pay out tens of thousands for land to put it on. All you do is pay monthly rent to park management, cover your utility bills and you’re all good.

With traditional houses, one of the biggest expenses is the land the house is on. Not having to buy land saves you a ton of money. The rent you pay for your lot per month is very tiny in comparison.

#4 – You’ll Find You Have More Time On Your Hands

Life is to be lived and enjoyed and you need time and money to do that. We’ve already covered how mobile home living will give you more disposable income, but you’ll soon discover you have more time to enjoy the things you really love to do as well.

When you downsize from a regular house to a mobile home, cleaning and other chores will get done much more quickly, and you also don’t have a large yard to maintain, just a small lot.

The other thing to note is that the rest of the park will be cleaned and maintained by the management.

More time for you equates to a more fulfilling lifestyle.

#5 – Mobile Home Parks Offer You Stability and Security

When you live in a mobile home park you’ll usually be offered at least a 12 month lease. A well managed park will be a pleasure to live, so the chances of you wanting to move anytime soon are minimal.

You’ll find yourself enjoying security and stability within this type of community, giving you peace of mind and contentment.

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