Top Ten Google Map Tips And Tricks

A huge number of people find it difficult to drive around new places without the constant help of Google Maps. Google Maps provide a wide range of help, from receiving directions to trendy coffee shops to navigating around in Road Trips. It is a vital instrument to have when you are on the road.

Google Map Features

Because this app comes with many amazing features, we have prepared a list so you don’t miss out on them. A good number of these features have been tested on the Google Maps Android app and should work on IOS too. In this list, we have a number of Google Map tips and tricks that are not well known to everybody.
You may have an Android smartphone or an IOS smartphone, Google maps has a bounty of lesser-known features. Feel free to download maps and navigate tricky roads without having an internet connection, scamper easy voice searches and more.
Google Maps is a vital tool for many of us. Here’s a list of Google Map tips and tricks that you will definitely find useful.

  1. Gesture Control

You have to be mindful of the conservative way of zooming into a map using the pinch-in feature, though; this feature can be a bit difficult mostly if you are behind the wheel. There’s a simpler way to go from 0 to 100% real quick, which most of you don’t know about.
With one finger double tap on the map and drag down to zoom out without lifting your finger. Likewise, to zoom in, just double tap and drag your finger up.
Moreover, you can use this resourceful feature to tilt the map, though it would involve the use of two fingers. To tilt the map, just double tap and slide down, whilst to restore it simply slide-up.

  1. Set scale, units, add your home or work & other places and view history.

You can find Settings in the Google Map menu  where you can select distance units, facilitate map scaling, you can also view and edit maps and locations history, the option to add both your Work and Home addresses, edit your places list on the offline maps, saved locations etc. The Google Now app synchronizes this information across the PC and phone app versions. It will give you real-time traffic updates which you can check before going out to work or going on a trip.

  1. Adding different Stops on your Route

Are you preparing for a road trip with a number of stops along the way? Google Maps allows you add all your stops and in the process give you the best route linking them all. This enables you to have properly planned trip and a reasonable prediction of your travel time.
It is very easy to add the stops, after putting in your destination, tap on Add stop to complete the process. When adding Stops, there is a limit of 10 stops per route. But if you planned more than 10 stops, all you need do is to split them up into separate maps.

  1. Share Your Location Details from Your PC to your smartphone.

Are you trying to find the bridge between the Google Map app and browser version? The Google Maps Browser version comes with a useful swindle called “Send to Your Phone”, this only works if you’re logged in with the same user ID in both your Browser and App version of Google Maps. This Goodie Map trick allows you to directly send details of your route from your PC to your app, or as an email or SMS. I bet most of you weren’t aware of this feature before.
All you need do is open Maps in your PC Browser, search for the particular location you want to send, and then select the send option.

  1. Catch the last train, and view public transport, traffic, and cycling routes

By adding layers from the menu you can enrich your Google Map, there’s Terrain, Public Transport, cycling, and Traffic. You can get real-time information on Public Transport and Traffic, it indicates red line warnings for heavy traffic or impending arrivals and departures for trains, buses and tube stops (and their routes). To get information on the last trains and buses, click on the train icon, load the route, then tap Settings and select last.

  1. Offline Maps

We usually experience poor internet connectivity, particularly when you are driving through an unknown location. In such situations, you cannot depend only on online maps. You will find the offline Maps very useful, all you have to do is select the Offline Areas in the left panel and get the offline Maps downloaded.

  1. Save your Locations to Lists

Just a while back the save locations to list feature was introduced. It enables you to save your locations to a list. You can use the preset list or create your own custom list. This update lets you separate places based on personal preference.

  1. Search Nearby Places

Are you too sluggish to find locations by their names? The around icon can get you a list of all the places in that location.
There’s another alternative which is making use of nearby in the search bar, depending on the present location. Because it doesn’t come up in all locations, you can only use it to your advantage when you are in popular place.
Also, an additional feature of the PC version allows you to check for restaurants and hotels close to your searched area. All the necessary information will display on the left panel once you click on the nearby icon.

  1. Start Driving

The Start driving feature was made as an addition to the Driving tab which improves your travel experience. For instance, once you set your home or work addresses, Google Maps will also provide you with a real-time ETA of your journey.
In a situation where you don’t need major directions for navigation, the Start driving feature will ensure you are updated on the latest traffic situation. The Start driving feature is one that is very innovative for this present generation, it provides you with the help you need.

  1. Measure Distance

The Measure Distance feature enables you to determine the distance between two locations. Even if it won’t give a precise value, it will enable you to calculate how far one place is from the other.

When using the Google Maps PC version, all you need do is right-click on the map and select Measure Distance. While for the app version of Google Maps, pull up the information card by dropping the pin at the location and then tap on Measure distance.

  1. Custom Mapping Software

With the help of custom mapping software, you can create various visualizations and gain valuable insights, especially if you run a business. You can find out things like who your customers are, understand your supply chain better and ultimately grow your business.

Have you been making use of these amazing Google Map tricks?

I am sure there were a lot of these features you didn’t know before.  In any case, these are only a few of the many Google Map features and we will be bringing you more updates soon because Google has many more features yet to be published. Do you have favorites Google Map Tip or Trick that we missed? Please let us know in the comments.

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