3 Methods to Protect your Business from Phishing Scams

If you run a business, you will no doubt have heard the term ’phishing”, and for those who are unsure of the meaning, phishing is an attempt by a hacker to gain sensitive data by disguising themselves as a trusted email source. It might come in the form of an email that asks you to re-enter your personal information on a fake website that looks identical to the genuine one, and with the information you give, they could gain access to websites that you subscribe to.

Here are a few ways that you can protect your online data from cyber-criminals.

  1. Educate your Staff – This is one way to ensure that your employees are aware of the various phishing strategies, and there are companies that will train your staff on safe online practices. Even better, contact an established cyber security service in Sydney, who will not only train your staff, they will also put barriers in place to ensure that strange emails are quarantined. If, for example, an email arrived with a link to a website that you visit often, and the sender is asking you to click on the link and enter the information in the boxes provided, this could be a phishing attempt. The website might look identical to the real one, but if it doesn’t begin with https://, then it is likely a fake site, and you should not enter any data at all. The “s” after http denotes that the site has an SSL certificate, whereas a fake website would begin with http:// and if this happens to you, it is important to report the email.
  1. Managed Cyber Security Services – By delegating your cyber security to a top managed security provider, you can rest assured that phishing attempts are always blocked. These specialists have the tools and the knowledge to ensure that your online data is always protected, and with 24/7 support, your business will never become a victim of a cyber-attack. All it takes to make contact with a cyber security specialist is a Google search, and they would be happy to carry out penetrative tests to ascertain the level of security of your website.
  1. Pre-Screen All Incoming Emails – If you join forces with a local cyber security firm, they will automatically screen all incoming emails, and anything that is not from a tried and trusted source would instantly be quarantined. This gives you the opportunity to decide whether or not to accept the email, plus, its origin can be traced, and with full round the clock support, you can rest assured you will not be another victim of a phishing email.

Phishing is just one of many ways that a hacker can gain access to your confidential data, and the best way to fully protect your business is to hire the services of an experienced IT security provider. After an initial examination of your current security software, the IT security firm would then suggest options to make your data safe from hackers.

It simply is not worth the risk of leaving your online data unprotected, so talk to an expert and see what he can do for your company.

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