How to Make Money Online: Easy Guides

How to make money online? It maybe one of the most popular question asked today. But, do you really know how? There are several way to make you stay productive at home.

Affiliate business

It is one of the most common internet business, to create affiliate on your sites. It can be a perfect idea for you who love writing and having website or some blogs with very high traffic. To start an affiliate business first you must have your own sites. It is the best if you have particular theme for the sites. Instead of creating your own affiliate links, it is suggested for you to buy a domain or website that is already designed to link some affiliate or advertisement. Choose an affiliate that gives you at least 70% commission. To increase the traffic and attract potential buyers you need to consider building multiple sites and write some articles that leads the visitor to check the affiliate sites.

Consider e-commerce

Have you ever heard about pay per click or search engine optimisation (SEO)? In this case you need a domain and hosting. If you think it is difficult to build the link you can pay it to make for at least £500 for one website design. But, you cannot just leave the sites. You have to upload at least one post to keep your sites update and fresh. It can be an effective way to make money online.


What if you want to make cash from really free sites? Blog can be a great solution. You can consider both wrodpress and blogspot. It is a great idea for you who like writings and posting articles everyday. But, you must gain a huge traffics for one specific niche of blog before you can money out of it. Then, you can use adSense, selling banner for adds, affiliate it to some commercial sites, and offer premium service for people, like endors commercial.

Just sell something

At last, you can just sell something. It can be very easy. Some people even just resell some products from other sellers online or you can just open your own online store. Take for example you can have some stocks of products you can sell on your sites. Since it is online, you can just send the products via some expedition. In fact how to make money online can be a great idea to stay at home and stay productive at once.

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