Projectfreetv: Everything that you need to know about it

Project free tv

Watching movies online is always a fun thing to do with project free tv. Most of the world population has access to the internet, and they are also using the Smartphone. For such people using web and Smartphone to watch movies online is super easy.

Since most of the world is watching movies and tv shows online, it has raised the popularity of movie and tv streaming sites.

If you are also one of those who are in love with free tv streaming sites, then Project free Tv is a must-visit site for you.

If you are new to Project free tv or tv streaming sites, then you may have a question like what is Project free tv? How to use it? What all you can access on projectfreetv.

Here are the answers;

What is Project free tv?

Project free tv is a highly popular free tv streaming site. It is a popular place to watch the latest and premium quality tv shows without paying anything. You can watch Vikings, the game of thrones and many other popular series on this website.

The best quality of Project Free Tv is that it offers quality entertainment at zero cost.

You can watch all the pirated episodes of tv shows on this site.

There are many other tv show streaming sites available online, but best is the Project Free Tv.

Projectfreetv is so popular that it has grabbed those users also who were spending money on sites like Hulu, Netflix and Amazon prime, etc. to watch latest tv shows online.

Not only the tv shows but you can also watch movies on project free tv. They have the massive collection of all the popular tv shows and movies at one place.

As a free movie and tv show streaming site, you will have to face some popup ads, but that is quite common when you are using any free streaming website.

To get rid of ads, you can use an adblocker. The ad blocker will block all the ads, and you can happily enjoy tv shows online without interruption.

Whenever you click on a link to open a tv show or movie, it will open some third party sites. These are the ads that are running on projectfreetv.

Not only that, but you can also find a lot of copyrighted videos on this website.

Projectfreetv keeps changing its domain name from the last few years.

Still, projectfreetv is one of the highly popular tv show streaming site.

To take advantage of its high popularity, many other webmasters have created mirror sites like project free tv.

Still the original project free tv is unbeatable and rank higher.

If you think that you can only find the latest shows then you are wrong, project free tv also features the oldest and most loved tv series on their platform.

You will find almost all the genres on this website.

Sometimes a popup will ask you to enter your email id or signup information to watch the movie or tv shows, but this is just a popup ad. Ignore it.

You need not to signup to watch movies and tv shows online on this website.

How should I use project free tv:

Project free tv is a safe site. Still, you have to take care of a few things.

Never click on any ad no matter how attractive it is. If by any chance you click on the ad, then close the window as quickly as you can. Some of the ads will ask you to download flash player to stream your favorite movie or tv show. Ignore it also. This can install a virus on your system.

I already told you never to enter your login information as projectfreetv never ask for it. Only some ads are there that will ask you, and you can quickly close them.

Pirated content is always there. Some countries are entirely against copyrighted material. It is a good idea to avoid sites with copyrighted content.

But if you still want to access the website, then install a VPN server. VPN will hide your system information and do not let others track you. VPN’s will save you from the site that is trying to track what you are doing on your system.

You can use VPN software, or you can directly install a VPN extension in your browser.


These are a few of the points and essential information that you should consider before visiting the project free tv website. It will also help you to save a lot of time and hide your identity when browsing a free streaming website like projectfreetv.

Project free tv is there to entertain you, and you should use it wisely. Don’t fall in the hands of lucrative ads, install an ad blocker, use VPN, and you are all set to watch movies online on this website without any interruption or worry. If you want to ask something, ask me here.

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