5 Technologies Predicted to Be Common in 2020

2020 is only 2 years later indeed. Then, talking about the technology to be developed in that year, it should not be too much different from what you have seen right now. But do you know that there is a prediction that some new technologies are predicted to be quite common in 2020? Uniquely, those technologies are still relatively unknown this year. So, what are they?

Holographic View

The holographic view looks like being closer to the realization. Starting from some years ago, a company in California namely Ostendo has been developing a chipset that can project the videos to a diagonal plane in 48 inches. When all of them are combined, the projectors are able to make more complex images. More than that, the keyboard for this projector has also been realized. Sure, Ostendo is not the only one. Another company, HP, is also on the way in developing the 3D interface for the Smartphone.

Despite those two companies, a giant of technology like Apple certainly doesn’t want to be left behind. It is indeed still not confirmed to be true. But there is a rumor that the next generation for the iPhone may have a holographic interface feature for both 3 and 2 dimensions.

A company from China namely Takee has even launched a kind of Smartphone that is able to display a 3D image by detecting the eyeball movements of the users. This Smartphone is also able to respond to the finger movements. Therefore, you can simply use it without touching the screen. For the next two years, it can just be more than that.

Virtual Reality

This is indeed not something new since Google Map and Pokemon Go have used it. Another big name in the world of virtual reality is Oculus. Its iconic headset, Rift, has been launched even in the past two years. There are also some other names that develop this concept even some small companies.

Interestingly, the virtual reality is predicted to be more and more developed in the next two years even in all aspects of your life. You should not be surprised if many activities can just be helped by this technology.

Virtual reality is indeed one of the technologies that have been dreaming of by the technology lovers even from decades ago. In fact, the history of virtual reality has been started in1980.

Some Computers in One System

The differences between phone, tablet, and laptop are getting fewer and fewer. There are already some examples of this. You can just see around and there is a phone with a tablet size, a tablet with a phone size, and a computer with mobile design. It is already common as well to see a small and compact mobile device but it has complex functions just like the computer. Even a watch now can also be used to make a call and access the internet.

For this development, it is reasonable if, in the next two years, there are some computers are developed in one system only. In fact, Microsoft has started it all in Windows 10 in which PC, Windows Phone, and Xbox are applied to one operating system.

In the beginning, Apple seemed quite doubtful to merge its PC and mobile operation system. But it didn’t stop this company to facilitate the cross-platform development. Then, you can see some of the results now. One of them is Continuity feature in OS X 10. This feature allows the users to use the iPhone and iPad to see and respond to their mobile notification via PC.

4K Technology

4K technology has been applied in the big entertainment industry like movies, broadcast, streaming media, and others. But for the next two years, it is predicted to be more common even in common devices like Smartphone.

4K is a standard for Ultra High Definition. Right now, it is still quite difficult to find content with 4K resolution in our devices. But you should not worry since many hardware and software developers now have prepared the technology to display them. More than that, the content protection standard must also be made to avoid the hijacking.

Really Global Internet

It has already seen from now actually when people can just simply access the internet anytime and anywhere using their personal devices. But there are still some problems that make the internet is still not really global. The broadband and wireless methods implemented currently are still difficult to spread the internet connections to the remote areas.

Well, for the next two years, this problem is predicted to be solved. Some technology companies like Google and Facebook have actually started the projects. They are Google with Loon project since 3 years ago and Facebook with its unmanned aircraft to rotate the earth non-stop to pour us with internet access.

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