The Right Way to hire a Ghost writer for your Blog

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If you have a blog of your own and you like writing, then it is a great thing. But search engines call for fresh content to keep your page rank higher. Thus, it gets challenging for people to come up with several good posts in a week. At this time, you may consider hiring ghost blog writers for your blog. Here is a step by step guide to choose the right ghostwriter for your blog

1. Know about the different types of writers

A ghostwriter is a nameless writer who is paid to write different kinds of content which are published under the name of another person. A good ghostwriter will copy your writing style to make your posts appear like you have written them.

If you are trying to create a niche site, then you can sign up a contract for bulk of articles. The writer will generate content for search engine and provide up-to-date content for you.

2. Seek referrals

Before you invest your time in searching for a ghost writer, you can ask your online and offline friends for referrals. If you have few fellow bloggers, then you can get their recommendations. A good referral will save your time, money, energy and lower your risk of choosing someone incapable.

3. Create a job posting for a ghostwriter

Once you the kind of writer you want, you can make a job posting for it. Specify the writing style of your blog and make sure you get applicants who possess experience in that very field. For instance, a home improvement blogger may not be able to write about stocks and trading.

4. Choose your candidates wisely

When you put a job posting, you will get a lot of queries. But, it is important to narrow down the applications and focus on the points you are looking for in your ghost writer:

  • Find out if they are punctual with the deadlines and commitments
  • Can they write content which are SEO and reader friendly and use your desired keywords properly?
  • Can they provide inputs about your suggested topics?
  • Do they have knowledge about tags, formatting, <h3> <h4> etc?
  • Find out if they have had an experience of working in this field before?
  • After you have reviewed the applicants, shortlist two or three of them and give them a sample article. Find out if the writers are able to write content as per your expectations or not.

Assess their blog posts and choose the perfect one

Some writers have a talent to write better blogs than the others. Find out which writer matches your personal style well and who doesn’t sound like you at all.

Find out what kind of writing style you want?

Find out the payment methods they use and then give them writing orders to write as many blogs as you want. Make sure you can rely on them completely for your work.

With these points, you easily choose the best ghost blog writers for your website.

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