6 Best Spy Apps for iPhone and Android

Have you ever been in a situation where you need to demand an explanation from a certain somebody and want to avoid any sort of confrontation because you know that will make situations even worse.Such situations compel you to keep a close watch on the person’s activities. This can be a situation not just for your partner, but even for your children or even keeping a watch on your employee’s activities.

Spying is done when you are in a state of doubt and to release yourself from any sort of ambiguity. And there is a possibility that if the person in question comes to know can be hurt if they figure out your motives. This becomes a crucial situation when you want the person to know while at the same time fulfill your purpose. For this, you resort to your smartphone and be rest assured for the authenticity of the information delivered to you. There are apps to track text messages on another phone. Not just text messages but even locations, social media apps, multimedia and many more. Read on to know more.

  • Spyzie: One of the best monitoring software which is available for both Android and iPhone users. It is installed with an easy three-step procedure which includes creating an account, activate Spyzie on the target device and lastly start monitoring from its Control Panel. After doing this you can track their text messages, apps, browser history, location and media files. One of the unique features is that deletes itself after getting installed and runs in the background thereby monitoring all the activities keeping the entire process of spying a secret.
  • mSpy: The one app which is loved by the masses since it provides the security, safety, and convenience that the customer needs. Again it works in the background and does not consume very less battery which does not lead to a situation of suspicion. Another feature includes is that it protects the phone against theft since it tracks GPS locations and also has a super user-friendly interface making it a favorite amongst its users. These features are over and above the monitoring activities it does.
  • Screen Time Parental Control: This app is specially designed for parents who want to control the amount of time kids spent in the front of the screen. It sets school time/bedtime restrictions by setting a pause and play button. Here the phone stops working after a set limit set by you and even tracks the amount of time spent by your kids in front of the screen. Here both parents and kids are in an advantageous position since both of them get what they want.
  • PhoneSheriff: This app is unique just like its name. The uniqueness about this app is that it has parental control features which allow you to keep a close check on your children apart from its usual features of location tracking, remote locking, ability to record phone activities and many more. Some of its special features include blocking services from certain applications which needs to be restricted, create the restrictions according to time, geo-fencing alert which involves sending alerts to your phone when the target has crossed a specific area, profanity alert which involves that if some foul language is used can be kept under check.
  • Spyera: This software is not only compatible to phones but even tablets both Apple and Android. This has all the features of a decent spying app which includes monitoring apps, SMS, Locations, emails, contacts, web browsing history and many more. It is available in various packages of 3,6 and 9 months and is nominally priced which will not go heavy on your pocket as well.
  • TheTruthSpy: This app helps you to keep a close watch on your employees and children. This is because its installation is simple and effective and do not take too much time and efforts. It helps you monitor messages, call logs, contacts and even internet usage. It even monitors your social media activities like Facebook, Whatsapp, Viber and many more. It is easy to use and very easy to interpret.

Such apps can prove to be super useful in such doubtful situations. You can always opt for a free and trial version of it, use it and see it for yourself if it suits you. It can prove to be value for money as it gets the work done in a secretive way without revealing your identity.

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