The best of amusement machines

Have you ever considered investing in arcade games, or any other kind of amusement equipment? This is a great way to increase profits from your venue – or to start a low-risk, low-maintenance business. But which machines are worth it? We have picked five types that are consistently popular among players, require little maintenance and can be bought at a reasonable price.

Air hockey – a good earner

Probably the best-earning entertainment machine in the amusement business. On one hand, air hockey is a popular and well established game with simple rules and exciting gameplay. On the other hand, it still allows for innovations like a curved playing field. A great example of this is the Storm air hockey made by WIK. Perforated polycarbonate surface ensures the durability of this arcade game while modern design increases its attractiveness to players.

Pool table – a strong classic

As far as amusement machines go, pool or snooker tables are a simple and reliable option. More than that, during the years of its popularity pool earned a widespread respect. Good pool tables often have an aura of nobility about them. Perfect example of such a table is the Viking by WIK. Best materials, perfect craftsmanship and regal looks will not only make a great playing field but also increase the profile of its surroundings.

Table football – the choice of amusement business

Considered by some as the most iconic of amusement equipment, table football is a classic in its own right. A game that is easy to learn and hard to master. Widely known and compact rules attract new players while more seasoned gamers stay for the opportunity to learn all the tricks. Table football is a sure success in any kind of amusement business. Our pick is the Master Champion table produced by Garlando and sold by WIK. This is a professional piece of equipment, used during tournaments. Solid, durable, expertly made. Best for everyone.

Boxer – a surprising arcade game

Boxers measure the strength of your punch – or a kick. There is really no simpler concept for an arcade game. You buy a ticket, punch, kick or hit and then the machine scores your effort. That’s it. Surprising news are that this kind of amusement machine is quite popular and well earning, especially when placed in a pub. Our pick is the iBoxer; an old idea placed in a clean and modern package. It fits any space and will attract a wide variety of players. And to top it all, this game is sold by WIK at a moderate price.

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