Important Things You Should Know about Dangerous Android Apps

In these days, the number of smartphone user is highly increasing. It is not surprising since people need it to fulfill their daily needs. It could be for work, study, or only leisure. By using this gadget, they often install some apps that they think to be interesting. However, sometimes we do not know that the apps we just got might contain virus. This virus can be harmful to our phone. it is able to manipulate or even steal our data. As a result, privacy leak could possibly occur. This case happens a lot in Android community. Before installing an app, make sure you know whether it is noxious or not. Here are the characteristics of dangerous Android apps you should know.

Not Available in Play Store

Android danger signUsually, when we want to get some Android application, we go to Play Store. Unfortunately, some people still prefer to go to a certain website to get the apps. The reasons could be varied like not willing to pay in the store or not available there. We do not forbid this act, but please check the safety of the app first. Installing through file.apk has a really high risk of getting virus. If you still want to do it, be sure that it is free from any digital harms. Yet, we still do not recommend it. Instead, just go to Play Store and find similar app you like.


Suspicious Permission of App Instalation

Android danger signWhen we install an application that is not from the Android apps source, there is usually a permission of installation appears. If this permission ask our data like phone number, location, or even Internet connection, then do not agree with it. This could be a method to steal our important data from our server. A permit that asks us to send a paid SMS needs to be suspected as well. All in all, if we want to install an app other than Play Store, we must pay attention towards the installation lincense closely. Otherwise, prepare for the risks from the dangerous Android apps you may deal with.


Review and Number of Installation

Android danger signThis one can be said as the most important part. Before you decide to get an unknown app, look at the number of the installation first. If it has gained a large amount of them, then it means we can install it safely. In addition, we must look at the review or commentary too. If all or most of them contain negative opinion, then do not even consider to take it.


Confusing or Wrong Description

Android danger signNormally, an app is accompanied by description. Through this description, we will know everything about the app like the usage, feature, or else. If we find one app and are confused with the description, then do not install it. Furthermore, if the description is not suitable with the apps, we all know how suspicious these dangerous Android apps are.

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