How You Can Use an Interactive Dance Floor to Make Your Party Alive

LED Dance Floor

A unique dance floor can be the centerpiece of your evening party. It should help transform your room by making it look stunning and adding something special to your party. Not to mention that it should entertain your guests and make them want to dance.

What is an LED Dance Floor?

LED dance floors flooded the market in the late 2000’s – they’re an extremely popular addition to wedding ceremonies and birthday parties. Scattered with hundreds of LED lights, they emit opulence, create a fun atmosphere to dance in, and help boost your shows’ ambiance.

Now let’s see how this magic item can light up your evening party, events, wedding ceremony, or other scenes. The HD image on the dance floor is created by a popular product of Suncoming called the P6.25 high resolution LED interactive video dance floor. These LED floor panels are equipped with thousands of interactive touch sensors, which have a high-sensitivity interaction for real-time reactions to your audience’s moves. When combined with an interactive media server, the steps will turn into magic. With their modular design, you can build your LED floor panels as big as you want.

You may worry what if direct stepping will leave irreparable traces or damage some luminous components? That would cause huge embarrassment during your show. And such concern is understandable because if the interactive floor is unable to bear the weight of those who walk and tread on it, some other products of poor quality may break down. Therefore it is important to make sure your interactive dance floor can handle the weight in your application scene. Take, for example, the case of high-heeled shoes or even car rolling. Of course, these are not any problems to the product from Suncoming we just mentioned. Their interactive dance floor has a capacity of 1.5ton per square meter. Not to mention its extraordinary heat sink design and lightweight aluminum alloy construction. It is equipped with a full-motion video system using a Novastar software and trillions of colors as well as a 16-bit grayscale for a true image. It can meet all your demands in all kinds of scenes in a stage show, be it a shopping mall and even outside lighting.

LED Dance Floor

Everything seems perfect until when you need to install it. But actually, even its installation is easy because its innovative framing system reduces the installation costs and time. From the picture below you can see that the whole system is supported by a fixed feet, and the modules are placed on the rail track. For this reason, we should make sure to place the fixed feet in the right place and keep them at a proper distance from each other.


1. Install the track installation. You can place the first module of each column of the guide rail on the rail. You just need to determine what is the retention between the tracks.

Install the track installation

2. Lay the modules flat on the guide rail properly, extend the signal line outward, and connect the signals between the modules.

3. Don’t forget the power plug.

4. Assemble the modules one by one as shown in the picture here above. You should check whether there are excessive gaps between each one of them (the unit plate gaps of this product are of the same size; their dimensions can be equal or less than 1mm). You basically should ensure that they are all evenly placed next to each other;
5.Adjust them according to the fixed points of the surface.

5. Easy, right? After a simple installation, you can test it yourself. An interactive dance floor can be a good start for designing your next show, event, or party. But wait, the very first thing you need to do is to buy one. So choose the best LED dance floor and make good use of it! And if you want to know more on how to use and install it, you can find useful information on the website of some reliable suppliers like Suncoming, where there will be more details about all kinds of interactive dance floors.

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