5 Simple Tips to Simplify your Web Design

“Less is more” is maybe appropriate for a web design. With this simplicity rules, a website will be looked sleek and you can get many advantages such as reducing the navigation confusion and it can make you achieve your desired goals. So, here are 5 starting points that you can practice for simplifying your website design.

1. Be Focussed only on the Essential Elements. There is a research that is proving that many website are failed to make a website that is only focusing on the essential or important elements. As the result, there are many unimportant messages or elements that are spewed on to a page. To make your website simple, you have to identify what focus that you need.

2. Use the 80 – 20 rule. This rule is having the meaning “is the 20% on a page will give the 80% of the value why the people are visiting your website?”. So, it is better for you to be focused on displaying only the 20% of the site elements that are delivering that usefulness of 80%. Actually, this is not technical, but you can use it as your guidance to simplify your web design.

3. Reduce the Pages. Having the fewer places to explore and also click around can be a large part of simplifying your design of website. You can do this part by trimming the page count. You have to get into the investor mindset of the visitors when they were on your website. Next, you can make sure that the facilitate of your pages are necessary for and nothing more. Do not keep the unnecessary page on your website because you think you need that or because the other websites are having it. By reducing this page, your navigation menu will be simpler and it is good.

4. Limit Your Color Scheme. It is meant that you can simplify your website design visually. You can limit your color scheme by only having 2 or 3 color scheme than 12 or 13 colors on your website. Everything is based on your own designed, but tries for not using more than three colors on your website. You can use the shades of the same color from the background. For the example is the light blue color for the background and darker blue for the header and the menu items. If you had too many colors on your website, the visitors will be not focused on the contents that you want to share on your website.

5. Get More Content Above the Fold. For increasing the effectiveness of your website, you can have the main contents and call to actions elements all above the fold. You can do this by shortening the header height if you had a logo on your website and the navigation menu that is placed at the top of your website. In the conclusion, you can decrease the works and it is needed to reach the aim in simplifying your website design.

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