How Does A Mag Fed Paintball Gun Work

If you have been looking for a different element to your woodsball or scenario gameplay, you most likely have come across a mag fed paintball gun. If this is the case, you might not know exactly how a mag fed paintball gun works in comparison to hopper guns.


What Does Mag Fed Mean?

Let’s start with the basics. A magazine, put simply, is a type of feeding device that is attached to the gun that holes the ammo. You usually can carry more than one magazine, removing the used up one and replacing it with one that is full of fresh paintballs.

A magazine fed marker utilizes a magazine, much like a live ammo tactical gun would. This means that you will not be burning through a hundred paintballs quickly, like you would using a hopper. A hopper usually holds 200 paintballs to give you a lot of ammo to last through a whole game. The hopper itself is large and sits on top of the gun. A magazine usually holds about 10 paintballs, meaning your shots need to be taken with more care.


Why Use a Mag Fed Gun?

When you look at the numbers, it might be confusing at first why anyone would want to use a mag fed gun over a hopper because of the huge difference in the amount of ammo that you have ready to shoot at a time. What it comes down to is how you want to play.

A mag fed paintball gun is the closest you can to a live ammo gun. The style of play is meant to be more strategic and scenario-oriented, so every paintball fired counts. You are not trying to get out as many paintballs as possible in a second and hope that you hit your target. Instead, you want to fire when you have your target in sight. You should also take into consideration that a hopper is a big target that your opponent could aim at hit, knocking you out of the game. Otherwise, the hopper itself can impair your ability to aim due to its large size.

In the terms of finances, you are going to spend less money on paintballs with a mag fed gun since you are not going to go through the same quantity of paintballs as you would using a hopper.


Mag Fed Strategy

Since your strategy is different using a mag fed paintball gun, it is important to go over what that really means. With a mag fed gun, you are going to assume the role of a soldier, utilizing all of the tactics that you would if you were in a military situation. You will typically be in tactical gear that camouflages you into the surroundings. You cannot be out in the open, but need to employ all of the stealth abilities that you have in order to hit your target in one shot.

Ultimately, mag fed paintball guns are all about the experience rather than just blasting your opponent. It takes longer to reload the gun and you do not have as much ammo loaded to begin with when compared to someone using a hopper.

Additionally, using a mag fed gun will keep you more hidden during gameplay. A hopper will give away your position more quickly due to the amount of rounds that can be fired quickly. If spraying paintballs is more your style, then a hopper would be just fine for you. But if you are more interested in a more realistic style, a mag fed gun would be the better choice for you.

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