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Heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) is a technology that is centered on providing thermal comfort and better air quality in buildings. Trained technicians often do the practice. The HVAC systems are installed both for domestic and commercial use.

Trained technicians often work using the knowledge they gathered from college, and at times they use guideline manuals. It can be difficult to grasp every detail that pertains HVAC in your brain. Therefore, as a technician, you will need a reference point when you are fixing the HVAC machines and equipment. The use of good mobiles apps can do this. Below is a compilation of useful HVAC mobile apps for technicians.

1. HVAC Buddy

This application works in both Android and iOS. The app works perfectly on the diagnosis stage of any repairs. It quickly shows the proper refrigerant charge for more than seventy-three options. This app has generic charts that bring out the superheat, subcool, and pressure-temperature tables.

HVAC Buddy can calculate the superheat for subcooling systems and that of a fixed capillary. It is also efficient in its email system status report that gives the technician several system updates. The app can do several computations such as calculating targeted versus actual subcooling and air flowing through the equipment.

The operation process of the app starts by you entering the refrigerant, its temperature, and pressures. The app does the mathematics for you and then it displays the superheat, subcooling, and airflow. Afterward, the app emails all the results to you for documentation.

2. HVAC Refrigerant PT – A/C

This is app offers a comprehensive guide to refrigerants, and it is perfect for HVAC professional who needs guidance during their work. The app conveniently allows access to the refrigerant pressure and temperature as well as the physical properties of the refrigerant.

The app provides temperature reading in degree Celsius or Fahrenheit. The physical properties of the refrigerant shown include density, critical temperature, specific heat, classification, and safety rating. The refrigerant pressure is shown in points per square inch and standard atmosphere.

3. HVAC Check and Charge

This is an instant mobile refrigerant charge calculator. The app provides an onsite calculation of the refrigerant charge for air conditioning. The air conditioning contractor uses this app to calculate the correct system for R-22 or R-401A quickly.

By the help of this app, the contractor can easily choose the superheat, subcooling, or airflow, and then afterward enters the correct system temperatures with proper sensible environmental loads. All the obtained values, enable the technician to make the right judgment whether the charge amount needs to be altered.

Only android phone users can effectively use this application. The application is freely obtained from the system maintenance subcategory. This app caters for only the people who know English.

4. HVAC Mobile App

Bluon Energy HVAC Mobile App offers details on R-22 replacement. It builds on databases of HVAC systems in the Northern America region. It is a handy app, especially when making online searches on the units that need to be converted from R22 to TdX 20.

The app will also give the original information concerning the HVAC system. Bluon Energy app is equipped with a replacement toolbox that will enable you to know the right systems to replace the worn out systems. The replacement toolbox has the following:

• Airflow Calculator

• Pressure Set Point Tool

• Diagnostic Wizard

• Nitrogen Pressure Test Tool

The app has videos that will enable you to have a clear picture of what should be done when replacing R-22 with TdX 20. It clearly outlines the best practices during the exercise. The exercises include recovery, evacuation, leak detection, pressure set points, and thermostatic expansion valves.

5. Refrigerant Slider

This is another instant app that is user-friendly, and it allows you to determine the pressure and temperature of the refrigerant. It offers a conversion scale that is useful in showing the temperature units in degree Celsius and Fahrenheit. The app has 69 refrigerants that include traditional and natural refrigerants.

This app looks at refrigerants associated with ammonia and transcritical CO2. It also has essential information concerning global warming potential and the ozone-depleting potential. The application has a programmed tool that is based on MIST Refrigerant Properties, which uses the Antoine equations for conversion.

This application can be freely downloaded from the System Maintenance Subcategory. The app can be used by English speakers who use only Android phones.

6. HVAC Marketing Toolbox

This app allows technicians to have relevant tools that enable them to run their businesses efficiently. It has a tool by the name spin the dial that allows the users to choose marketing ideas. The app offers users with techniques that allow them to connect with potential customers.

The app equips technician with skills that enable them to stand out among many contractors. This application will facilitate several exercises that will lift your businesses to the next level. Any technicians who use this app properly will be assured of retaining customers.

7. HVAC Professional

This application has over 200 computational formulas, the complete international mechanical code, and over 18 charts. The app also allows technicians to do chimney clearance, conversions, and area calculations. All these computations in one app make HVAC regulation practices easier.

While using this app, the technician is also in a position to mark the favorite formulas. This helps one to quickly retrieve a formula that he or she uses quite often quickly, thus saving a lot of time. This app is updated regularly to ensure that it remains relevant.

8. HVAC Answer Guides

Holders of Android smartphones are the only ones who can use this app. It is a reference app that offers a comprehensive guide of service calls that were made in the past years. The outcomes of these calls are used as learning lessons by technicians.

Topics that are covered by the application are fallible compressors, oil furnace problems, superheat and subcooling calculation, and belt drive information. This app is efficient for the people who are starting their HVAC business. The app can be downloaded from APK files.

9. HVAC Flashcards

HVAC Flashcards is an excellent app for technicians who are pursuing their training studies. The flashcards help these technicians to prepare for their final trials. The app has more than 1000 flashcards that facilitate training on subjects like, Design Theory, Electrical Power, and Certification Review.

This app allows technicians also to make their cards and incorporate them into the app. The cards made become of help to the technicians primarily when they will be referring to various disciplines. The cards can be imported from other sites such as Flash Exchange, Quizlet, or Course Hero.

10. Immanifold

This app is produced by Imperial. The app calculates the HVSV/R system performance and solves the troubleshooting problems that are in the system. The users use the app to solve problems that cause instability to the system by keying in live system data to their mobile apps. This allows them to customize the equipment specifications for the unit they are operating on. The app has more than forty refrigerants from which to choose.

HVAC technicians should endeavor to have two or more apps in their phones. These apps will help acquire a lot of knowledge thus, making their services better. There are tens of applications to choose from, but ensure you do a lot of research on each of the apps to pick the best one.

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