The IP Phone System and Its Benefits for Businesses and Companies

IP Phone is known also as VOIP Phone, it is a type of phone line that uses the internet protocol (IP) that is different from conventional phones using the RJ11 connection. Generally, IP Phone is connected with the Ethernet port RJ45 cable. After getting the IP address, it is set up so that the phone is connected with the PBX IP server or the service of Cloud PBX. This way, although it is mainly functioned very similarly to the conventional phone, it is possible to get many other features from the service.

Adjusting the Conventional to the IP Phone

Conventional and IP phones are not the same for sure. But you can adjust your conventional to IP phone as long as you have the analog telephone adapter system. This way, your conventional phone is connected to it. However, it doesn’t mean that you can get all features of the IP phone. Therefore, this method, although it is effective for home necessities, not really recommended for business or company. It is still better to replace your conventional phone completely with the IP phone network.

Variants of IP Phone

IP phone have many variants with various operating systems also. Some of them may look like a traditional phone. However, some others have been upgraded as well as possible so that they work very similarly to Android and Apple devices. Besides, another form of the IP phone is the IP Phone Conference with a speaker on the upper part and other 3 microphones around. 

Slightly, the videophone conference looks like a miniature of a TV studio along with the camera. It codes and decodes signals given to be in the video format, not audio. Then, it is connected to the internet protocol. Even you can possibly use it for platforms like Skype.

Additionally, an IP phone finds an electric power from the Ethernet cable, not an adapter, called POE. The POE IP phone is recommended to use in places without the electricity socket. On the other hand, you can use a WIFi IP phone in places without the Ethernet cable but there is the socket. Some IP phones also have Smartphone features like Bluetooth. This way, you can even connect it to other devices like headsets 

How the IP Phone Works

It has been mentioned above that the IP phone works not so much different from an analog phone. Basic features are available there but you can also enjoy some other additional features you commonly see in the Smartphone. However, there are still some points that make an IP phone different from the conventional or analog phone.

An IP phone can make and receive calls through the internet. It means that they work by using the internet connection or network. In other words, if your house or office has been connected to the Ethernet, you don’t need to provide additional cables to provide an IP phone using your analog phone.

Meanwhile, to make a call, you must first register the IP phone to your account. It is basically a process to connect an IP phone to a service provider so that you can communicate with each other. Some providers also support the IP phone booting to certain VOIP calls. It is to fasten the process of phone registration using a boot server.

Features in IP Phone

IP Phone, as an upgraded version of your conventional phone, must have some more sophisticated features. An IP phone enables you to choose calls that enter for now whether you want to receive or hold it. Sure, this feature is rarely found in the conventional phone.

Meanwhile, it works very similarly to the digital phone. every line must have its PSTN number. Therefore, a digital phone can make some calls among the connected PSTN lines. The IP phone system itself has some buttons to make different calls with different phone numbers. If you have 5 phone numbers, it means you can make 5 calls at the same time with them. At the same time, you can also handle some calls at the same time using this service.

Currently, there are so many companies that provide services for IP Phones. One of them is Yealink IP Phones in which the name has been popular enough. Meanwhile, it is also recommended to use some other brands for your IP Phone necessities. They are the Grandstream Business IP Phone and Yeastar PBX System. Of course, using one of their services for your office necessities is a good choice. Undeniably, the IP Phone system currently helps you improve your company’s productivity.

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