How to Keep The Loyalty of The Employees

What is the meaning of loyalty? Is it good for your company? Loyalty is two directions process, take and give based on respectful each other. Most of the employee will do their best to make the leader respect them. They will be honest, and will be satisfied with what the employee do. Turn the staff, a little work duration because the leader use most of the time to training the new employee will make the employer’s loyalty with the company lost. To keep the loyalty of the employe, the company can do several way.

First thing first is create a good work situation. As a leader, you have to build a good work environment, so that when something fun hapenned the employee will realy enjoy that moment. Build a good work situation to impress the employee, this will make the employee trust on the company do for them. The company also can give a suitable tools for them to do their works. In a companies or organizations, the employee want to work for a company where they can learn something, grow and increase their marketing.

And then, show to all of your compaby that you realy care with their professional development with invest in a training. Send them to a conference onece in a while or allows them to take an online seminar or a course. Fulfill what they want to get more knowledge.

Show your big leadership. Your eployee wont be inspired by people who only treat a company without showing a big leadership for the company. A big leadership is an inspiration source for the employee. Operational aspect of the leader is important, but the leaders also have to be able to motivate their employee. Management and leadership is two different thing. As a manger, you have to do both.
Make your company more fun than before. The loyalty of the employee will be created if the company can be more fun for the employee. One of the various ways to impress your employee is give them several gifts to who have been involved in several company events, such as charuty events, customer, or vendor.

There is still any various ways to make your employee feeling happy. Starts from the small thing, like give them blouse with company’s logo in certain events. Give their a chance to parcitipate in such a sport league, having a bithday party, caution work, etc.

Give your employee chance to make a desicion. Give them time to show their ability and passion to make a strategic desicion by giving them a good advices and ideas for the company. Give them a good rights, such as their salary, work fasilities, exercises, family welfare, security, and holiday allowance. You have to give that following suggestions professionly to make your employee stay with your company. If their rights had been provided, your employee will be focused on their own obligations without feeling under pressure when they work. In other words, they will work calmly to give you the best contribution for the improvement of your company.

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