Points to consider when choosing self storage units

Whether it involves moving to a new home in the same city or a different state, there will be certain items that you would need to store well before finally using or discarding them. OR When we don’t have enough space to store items in our houses or our offices, we opt for self-storage units. In that case, you may want to seek out a professional company for its self-storage solutions so that you can declutter your space as soon as possible and move freely without hitting yourself against the items lying on the floor. However, at the time of renting a unit, make sure to follow some guidelines for a hassle-free and more effective storage experience.

Get all your storage-related requirements right

Most important this is the choice of location of the storage facility. Whether you would need to visit the facility frequently or not has to be decided beforehand. If you feel it will require multiple visits to move your items there, then search for a facility that is nearby.

Similarly, storage units come in many sizes, right from small to larger ones. Have an estimate of how much space you would need to rent for your items. If you can manage with a smaller unit, then don’t waste money by opting for a bigger area. Bring the rented space to optimum use by stacking your boxes to the ceiling. Some companies provide mini-storage options. You can also consider them based on your needs.

Learn about the basic terms and conditions of use

Since you may want to check your load any time of the day, it’s better to consult the renting company beforehand about the visiting rules. Some storage facilities give 24 hours access, while others apply specific conditions, such as time restriction or additional charges for odd hours. Get clarity on this before moving your items there to avoid any disappointments or surprises later.

Know about the features of the storage units

You can rent an air-conditioned storage unit for the protection of your valuables. But it’s critical to be aware of your selection from the beginning. Ask your rental company if its units are climate controlled. In case they don’t have this provision, skip them. Keeping old furniture or documents can be a risk there as too much hotness, coldness or humidity is not suitable for their health. By chance you don’t have any other option, try to negotiate with them for an additional price to incorporate such feature in your choice of the unit.

Load your unit with care and smartly

At the time of storing, make sure you pack your items in the same size boxes for stacking purpose. Also, place the light boxes on the top of the heavier ones. Another thing is, don’t cramp the entire area with boxes and furniture. Keep walkways free in the unit for freedom of movement.

Additionally, if you are storing metal items, such as file cabinets or lawnmowers, apply them with rust protector first for their safety.

In this context, it is essential to note that even though all these facilities are well-protected, you should make some additional efforts to enhance the security of your items. For example, keep boxes that contain precious things at the back and buy a solid padlock for the door.

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