How Your Employees Can Be Making Your Business Vulnerable To Cyber Attacks

Companies are becoming more and more dependent on the internet to run their business.

Business owners invest a lot of money to protect their company to make sure their web hosting doesn’t get hacked  but don’t think of giving their employees the tips they need to keep themselves safe from cyber attackers.

A growing cyber attack is called phishing, where attackers send e-mails to discover info such as usernames, passwords, and credit card numbers by making believe to be a respectable company or individual.

Sending a phishing email is one of the most popular cyber attacks on businesses. These attacks are so effective because they are targeting innocent victims who can’t tell the email is fake because they look convincingly real.

These phishing attacks are growing every year and are costing businesses millions of dollars each year. Share  these phishing strike statistics with your staff members to help them understand the importance of keeping usernames and passwords protected.

Graphic Source: Inspired E-Learning Phishing Facts



Benjamin works at Inspired E-Learning to help small businesses with their online security awareness to keep them safe.  He is passionate about helping entrepreneurs grow their companies while keeping them protected from online attacks.

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