Targeting Your Audiences to Increase Engagements and Conversions

Marketing and promotion are all about engaging, connecting and drawing the attention of your potential customer towards your services or products. Increasing competition, as well as a wide range of choices in the marketplace, put immense pressure on the manufacturer and their marketing team.

Good marketing strategies can help you in developing a thriving customer base and can attract people towards your product or service. At times it is difficult to find out information pertaining to the posts that got the maximum amount of attention, likes and hits by your customers.

Content is the king, but no matter how perfectly you have written it, it will be useless if not coupled with information related to the links that the users have clicked. If the users don’t click or hit your posts, all your effort relating to content will be futile. All the features of the post have to be perfect whether it is the title of the page or your page URL, each item should be connected and fault free.

In earlier times, marketers were least concerned about the length of URLs and the way they functioned but today, technology has advanced and the use of tools like URL Shortener has made it possible for marketers to target customers to increase reach and redirect them to a relevant pages.

Audiences have never liked clicking long links that are distracting for the eyes. Long URLs also take a lot of space in your emails, video and print content, making them less appealing to the users. With progress in technology, different tools and softwares are have been introduced for the convenience of marketers and assist them in creating customized and short URLs.

These URL generators help marketers to keep an eye on the traffic and offer a wide range of prospects for the promotion and publicity of products and services and are hence a need of the hour. URL Smart generator is another efficient and viable URL generator in the present times and is indeed a market winner, leading a wide range of URL generators that are already available.

URL Smart generator

URL Smart generator is an effective tool for creating short URL links that can facilitate the art of marketing. These are not just hyperlinks but act as a catalyst for smart and effective two-way communication between the purchaser and their required destination.

Short URLs can assist you in amassing information as well as data in relation to your consumers and their buying behavior. URL Smart generator can assist you in redirecting your users to different destinations depending on their geographical location and the type of device they are using. This feature of the smart generator can help you in directing your traffic, by choosing or selecting specific URLs that you want to redirect your users to.

URL smart generator is a viable and efficient tool for successfully carrying out your marketing and promotional campaigns. We also offer you a wide range of control tools that can provide you with a customized control mechanism for your URLs.

Advantages of URL Smart tool:

  • Long and complex URLs can be distracting and frustrating at times for the user. URL Smart tool can help you to create short and concise URLs.
  • Providing a relevant set of information to your users can up your marketing game, as lengthy URLs can actually hide important and helpful information. URL Smart tool can save your valuable information by shortening the URLs, making your content a shining star for your users.
  • Keeping a track of long links can be a headache at times. URL Smart tool can save you from this misery and can assist you in keeping a track of your short and concise links.
  • Video content is always a winner in attracting your audiences and leaving a mark on their minds. Videos with long URL links can lose their overall appearance. URL Smart tool can help you to generate concise URLs that can be added to your video and will save it from losing its overall appearance, making the video a standout, not the link.
  • Long URLs in print ads make them less appealing and affect their overall significance and objective. URL Smart tool can help you to create short URLs for your print ads and can make them printable and attractive for the readers.
  • Too much information or lengthy links in our tweets or statuses can give them a jumbled up appearance. URL Smart tool can make your statuses and tweets short and concise and can give them a clear and clean appearance, increasing the overall attractiveness of your content.
  • Long stringy URLs in your emails, coupled with long boring texts can reduce the overall appeal of the content for the reader. URL Smart tool can save you from long boring emails by creating short URLs and pasting them into your relevant text, increasing the readability levels of the user.
  • URL Smart tool also assists you in finding out statistics related to your visitors and users, by monitoring and tracking the activities on your webpage or web link without any hassle.
  • URL Smart tool can allow you to create customized short and unique domain names which are pretty cool than long and lengthy domain names.
  • URL Smart tool allows you to customize your URL and allows you to add some context to your URLs to make them more specific and relevant to your business or services.
  • URL Smart tool not only assists you in cleaning your posts on different social media platforms but it also helps you in carrying out your promotional campaigns such as giving details about the appropriate time frame for sharing information with your audiences or appropriate channels that can be used for promoting your content on social media platforms.
  • URL Smart tool helps you in measuring the performance of your web links which can assist you in enhancing or modifying your promotional or marketing campaigns, keeping in mind the needs or requirements of your users or target audience.

Features of URL Smart Generator:

URL Smart generator website is very easy to understand and is designed keeping in mind the needs and requirements of the users. The layout of the website is simple and comprehensive, making it understandable and accessible for users. We offer a wide range of features to our users so that; they can lead a simple and hassle-free life. Following are some of the features of URL:-

The Art of targeting and retargeting:

URL Smart generator can help you to increase your customer reach and can redirect your customers to relevant web pages. You can set location and device features that can redirect audiences to specific pages and can also help you to track their activities.

Sharing, measuring and optimizing:

URL Smart generator can help you to share links to your web pages for networking. This can also help you in measuring the efficacy of your social marketing campaign by monitoring optimal performance indicators. It can assist you in reaching an apt set of audience that fits your needs or requirements. You can also keep an eye on audience statistics and can get an insight into their needs, which can help you in designing an effectual media promotional campaign.

Increase sales by targeting your audience:

URL Smart generator can assist you in understanding your consumers or users. We allow you to track the activities of your users and provide insights such as how many times your link was clicked by the user or details pertaining to their geographical location, which can assist you in analyzing your target audience and in achieving your projected sales.

Target your potential customers:

URL Smart generator allows you a better understanding of your target audience and their buying behaviors. We provide you tools through which you can smartly retarget your users and provide them with a lifetime experience. You can create a short URL, share it on social media platforms and analyze audience metrics without any hassle or time-consuming procedures.

Controlling and managing:

Our premium membership provides you a complete control over your URL link, which means that you can edit or change your required destination at any point of time and can easily change, add or remove filters. We provide you unique features through which you can set your privacy settings and can protect your account information.

Customized landing pages:

We allow you to create customized landing pages for your web through which you can promote your product or service and can involve your customer in your overall marketing strategy. You can design and customize your landing pages keeping in mind the preferences of your audiences and the requirements of your product or service. This increases the overall appearance of your landing page, making it more appealing to your target audience.

Overlay tool:

Our overlay tool can allow you to message your customers about your marketing and promotional activities by displaying notifications on your target webpage or destination. It helps you in determining how you can customize the overlay of your webpage so that it can be more reachable and accessible for your audiences.

Allowing event tracking of your customers:

We allow you to add customized pixels from Facebook, Instagram and Twitter etc. and also allow you to track various activities or initiatives taking place on these new media platforms.

Premium set of options available for Aliases:

We offer our premium members an extensive range of Aliases for their links, which can be selected from a list of references available.

Provision of a Robust API

We provide you with a powerful API key, helping you to customize your applications. This can also assist you in extending or adding different convenient tools to your applications with ease.

Features of account on URL Smart tool website:

We offer countless prospects to our members and provide them with a wide range of services for easy and efficient generation of URLs for their products or services. Following are some of the features that are available for our users that can be accessed by them through their URL Smart tool account:


This feature consists of a dialogue box where you can paste your required hyperlink. After the URL is processed it gives you the option to share your designed URL on different social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter. Not only this but you can also save a QR code of the link on your dashboard.

Advanced options are also available for the user where they can custom Alias according to their requirements, can set the expiry date of the URL, can add a password to restrict access to the link, and can use description box for adding additional details for identification of the URL.

The advanced setting tool allows Geo-Targeting, through which you can add different locations if you have different pages for each country. This will help you to redirect a specific target audience to their page by using the same URL.

Furthermore, device targeting feature can help you to manage different pages for different devices efficiently, by creating a short URL. You can choose your desired device type and can enter it to redirect all device users to their specific pages.

This page also offers you to export your URL statistics by simply following a clickable link on the right side of the screen of the advanced setting tab. The dashboard also allows you keep an eye on the recent activities which are available on the right side of the homepage.

Moreover, Top URL tab is available next to the recent activities tab on the home page and provides you information in relation to the number of visitors that have visited your URL address. You can also add keywords in the dialogue box that can help you in identifying different URLs and also provides you additional features including privacy, editing, deleting and other options such as sharing on social media platforms or saving the bundle etc.

Archived links or expired links:

You can save your links in the archive and can get back on them in your free time. This saves you from the hassle of searching for the required links that can be archived and can be accessed at your own comfort. Also expired link tab provides you information about the URLs that have expired.


You can choose a premium bundle according to your personal preferences which include a starter pack and a professional pack.

Starter pack:

The starter pack is free of cost and allows you to create 15 URL links and gives you other countless options such as basic redirection filters, basic customization offers, limited assistance and provision of advertisement.

Professional pack:

The professional pack costs you $1.99 and includes premium features such as customized slash pages, unlimited URLs, customized overlay pages, event monitoring or tracking, no advertisements, exporting data options, URL customization, and prioritized assistance or support.

These bundle plans are available on a monthly and yearly basis with premium discount offers. Moreover, you can upgrade anytime from Starter pack to professional pack and can also avail refunding offers.

Public profile:

You can set information in your public profile from the account setting tab available on the home page and can add your details such as your email id, username, password, privacy settings and media gate away settings, which will allow you to create special pages for your media URLs. Tools tab provide you different integration tools such as Quick shortener, Bookmarklet, Developer API and Full page script.

Quick shortener:

This tool assists in shortening web page URLs without any hassle. This will help you in creating a short unique URL that can be accessed at any given time from your dashboard. You can enter your URL in the dialogue box after logging into your account and can easily shorten your desired web page URLs.


This tool can assist you for shortening the link of the webpage that you are visiting. Through this feature, you can archive or bookmark the link for later use. You can either copy the link to your favorites or can drag the link to the bookmark bar and can easily access it in future visits to your account.

Developer API:

An API key is needed for placing requests for processing to the system. After registration, the user is given an API key that needs to be sent through a key parameter, with each request to the system. If you fail to send the API key or the key expires, the system will show an error.

Full page script:

This allows you to either shorten or select URLs on your website. You just have to copy the code and then paste it on the end of your webpage. You can also customize your selector tool; in the way, you desire to target a specific URL address, by adding them in selector parameters and can also exclude specific domain names from these parameters.

Account information:

This non-clickable tab provides an insight of your account type, URLs that have been created, number of clicks on your URLs and information related to bundle offers.

URL Smart tool is an easy and efficient URL generator and has been designed keeping in mind the needs and desires of modern marketers and enterprises. Creating URLs was never this easy, but thanks to URL Smart Generator, this time-consuming process has now become hassle-free and speedy and efficient.

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