How To Increase Instagram Followers

Every day, with the increasing trend of socializing, new platforms for interaction are emerging. Among these platforms are Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, and blah blah… These platforms are entirely free beyond doubt. This is the reason that they have got many users. In fact, one person is running multiple profiles; either for personal use or business purposes. This era of social media has defeated other modes of electronic and print media as well. The news go viral on social media faster than other means of media. The campaigns run through social media bring forth incredible results than any other media. But besides the bright facet of something, there is a darker side too! There are few hurdles to tackle too! One cannot simply sit back and relax on his comfy couch relying upon something entirely.

The question most frequently asked by social media users is how to increase followers? Then the next matter of concern is to build real profile followers and not fake followers. Many multiple such issues arise, but we’ll limit our focus to Instagram followers only. Though initially, you’d prefer buying some followers to get the ball rolling, but either you get low-profile followers or fake profile users who contribute no more than adding to your junk.

Let me pile up a few effective tips to assist you in increasing your Instagram followers:

  • Make your profile a bit enticing, try adding some interesting stuff initially to attract followers. People never go for ordinary, so you need to spice up your profile with extraordinary.
  • Try keeping your username a bit recognizable and easy to search.
  • Make sure your profile is public.
  • In your Bio, introduce yourself in an efficient and impressive way. You can add links in your bio too so that people can go directly to your other profiles/websites by clicking that link.
  • Enable push notifications to respond quickly to any comment on your post or a direct message.
  • To keep the followers intact, post new stuff daily. As it is all about pictures, make sure they are unique.
  • Unique pictures are not enough, in fact, an equal unique caption would embellish the post.
  • Be careful in choosing a relevant hashtag for your post as it will get it a wider exposure to the appropriate audience. Don’t use cheap hashtags because they will ultimately crowd your profile with low-profile or fake profile followers.
  • Last but not least, everyone wants to witness progress in a faster pace. To guarantee the followers’ growth rate, I would suggest Vibbi to buy genuine followers at extremely low rates.


Vibbi offers a bundle of packages so everyone can fill his bucket! It’s not about the huge number of followers only, but also genuine followers on very low rates!

  • Vibbie staff can be 24/7 contacted online for assistance regarding which package suits you.
  • Once you buy the package, provide credentials like username and payment information.
  • Now wait for them to perform their job. You are in a reliable place.
  • You can also opt for getting likes on your pics; the picture with more likes will be featured on the ‘explore’ page and hence it’ll gain more and more likes.
  • It is guaranteed that Vibbi is working as per the Instagram’s privacy policy and terms of service; there is no fear of getting your account blocked or banned.

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