4 Best Online Proofreading Tools for Professional Writing

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Writing content that is professional and free from errors is not an easy task even the experts will tell you. Many a time you find yourself with a lot of information and knowledge you would wish to share with your readers but you fail to pass the information you intend to deliver to them as a result of some simple mistakes.

It is good to know as a freelance writer or a blogger, your main aim of writing is not just to deliver the content to your readers but also to ensure it is professional and free from grammatical, sentence and spelling errors. You must ensure once you are done writing the content, you proofread your content before publishing it or before submitting it to your client.

Although it is hard to do manual proofreading, today this task has been made easier as a result of the online proofreading tools available that are able to design your article like an expert. With content writing or article writing or even blog writing, quality is vital and it is the only element that can get you ample and good readers.

Below is a list of the best proofreading tools you can find online. While others are free, some require you to pay so that you can be able to use them. Read with me so that you can decide which tool meets your needs and requirements.

  1. Grammarly

Grammarly is the most commonly used online tool by writers since it is a friendly tool that contains all the components to help you write an error-free article. It is a great tool in that it helps you check your document for grammar, spelling and many other errors. Additionally, it can help you check your article for plagiarism.

The good thing about this tool is that you can use it anywhere on the web as you type your content. It just requires you to install its extension or toolbar in your web browser and as you type, Grammarly will be able to highlight the areas with grammatical and spelling mistakes for you to correct. It also displays the correct word or spelling for the highlighted word.

Grammarly helps you when writing your Facebook posts, your emails, or anything you are typing on your browser and it will display the correct way to write your content. You can use it for free by just signing up with your emails address but if you want to upgrade you can do so but for you to get its premium features, you must pay for that.

  1. Google Docs

Another incredible online proofreading and grammar checking tool that is pretty solid for all your writing work is Google Docs.  Google Docs helps to detect any misspelled and any grammar errors as you type your content. To correct an underlined word with this tool, you just right click the misspelled or the word that contains grammatical errors and choose the appropriate word from the suggested words by Google Docs. The other incredible reasons why this tool is awesome for your writing work is that it automatically saves your work whenever the internet is lost. This makes it the excellent online proofreading tool for all writers who are into essay, article, content and copywriting. You can also check more guide related to Google docs from this source.

  1. Ginger

This is the third online proofreading tool on my list. Ginger is seen to be pretty much like PolishMyWriting; however, there are other errors that cannot be detected by PolishMyWriting which Ginger can detect. This makes it the most sought-after proofreading tool for sophisticated kinds of articles as compared to PolishMyWriting which is good for casual type of content.

To use Ginger, you can download a user-friendly Ginger app or install its extension in your web browser. However, you must sign up an account which is free. Once you have an account, you can write your content and transfer it to Ginger for spelling and grammar checking.

  1. PolishMyWriting

This is also an awesome tool a freelance writer or a blogger can use to ensure error-free content. It’s an easy to use tool since you write your content then copy paste your written content in the PolishMyWriting site. The tool then highlights the errors found in the article in three different colors for you. Spelling mistakes will be highlighted in Red color whereas grammatical errors will be highlighted in green color. Any other suggestion will be highlighted in blue color. This tool also goes an extra mile to giving you suggestions for active and passive writing.


The list above is not comprehensive as there are many other proofreading tools online, however, the list comprises of the most widely and commonly used tools. Lastly, you can outsource your proofreading tasks or DIY however, outsourcing comes at a fee.

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