Can a Candidate Appear For a German Visa Interview with a Provisional Degree?

A visa interview is a crucial part of getting a German work permit. If someone does not have his degree completed at the time he is giving the interview, then some serious repercussions can occur. A candidate can however use a provisional degree along with a letter provided by the college, as to why the degree could not be given to him.

One should not fret about not having a degree at the time of giving the interview, because a provisional degree is given, till the time the final degree is granted after one year of course completion. The provisional degree is valid for provision in Germany once you have the document of confirmation generated by your concerned university, which includes the end date of the completion of the course. However, you should have, all the transcripts for the exams for which you have appeared so far(consolidated mark sheet). 

If you seeking a job in Germany, certified translated copies of original educational documents is needed. Some professions also involve license/regulation in Germany like that of a doctor. 

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Salary limits for Germany work permit 

The residence permit(temporary PR) allows one to work in Germany. 

The settlement permit(German PR) however can’t be granted to you immediately because of salary constraints. Only, a candidate who has the degree required for highly qualified professions and has a great salary is immediately granted a settlement permit. For this, it’s important that the candidate should have a salary of the job of 84,600 Euros offered in this country. This will entitle him to a German PR or a settlement permit. 

However, for candidates who don’t have many salary offers, it’s better to wait for 33 months before getting a German PR. Such candidates can however get permission to work in Germany immediately with an EU blue card, for 4 years, once they have a German job promised with a salary of 50,800 EUR annually. So, after the time of 33 months has concluded, they can get the German PR. However, to get an EU blue card one needs to have a degree from a native or a German university apart from the job offer of 50,800 Euros. 

The major benefit of getting an EU blue card for working in Germany is that you can work in any part of European union, without losing your Germany work status. However, this work should not be less than 12 months in duration, because otherwise, you can lose your EU blue card. After you have worked in Germany for 1 and a half years, you can work in any European Union country and there is no need for an additional visa. These European countries exclude options such as Denmark, Ireland, and the UK. 

The residence permit for temporary employment in Germany can be taken by you once you have gotten the employment for 1 year. This permit can be given for 3 years also, once the promised employment is of this much duration. 

For anybody, it’s important that the work permit should be applied for, in the country of Germany itself. For this, a candidate needs a visa to come to Germany, except when he is from the country of Australia or US or Japan or Israel or Canada and a 90- days free travel to Germany is allowed to him. However, for Indians, a visa is needed for a 90 days stay here. And then after getting the job, the concerned candidate can get a settlement permit or an EU blue card depending on whatever salary is offered to him. 

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