How To Fix The Issues Related To SEO?

Improving your page ranking in search engines is not an easy task. There are many problems related to SEO. Therefore, these issues should be solved as soon as possible as they can create more problems if ignored.

If one cannot handle or fix the issues related to SEO, then that person should take help from the SEO consultants. These consultants are responsible for planning and managing the company clients’ overall SEO strategy. The SEO consultants in Sydney help you to fix the problems regarding SEO and will also save your precious time.

In this article, we will discuss the solutions related to SEO issues:

Solution Regarding Matched Content

According to Steven Welder, you should choose only one URL as your main URL. Once you have made a particular URL, you should always stick to it. To fight against duplicate content, you can use the NonIndex tag. The Google bots do not index the page which contains the NoIndex tag.

Solution Regarding Slow Site Speed

Large-size images take time to load on the web pages. To prevent this, you should keep your images below 100kb.

Redirects handle duplicate content issues, but redirects create More HTTP requests and kill the speed of the site. So, redirects should be avoided. Also, remove all plug-in and products from your web design that are of no use. This will keep your site fast. 

If you are facing any problem to fix it, contact SEO consultants. There are many SEO advisers to help you regarding your SEO problems and, one of them is the SEO consultants in Sydney, who will guide you and help you with their best plans within a short period.

Solution Regarding Smashed Links

You should fix up any 404 errors as early as possible so that they do not trouble your visitors and direct them to another part of your website. To understand which of your pages are returning 404 responses, you should access Google Search Console and click on Crawl Errors under the option Crawl.

Solution Regarding Language Declaration

Language declaration is one of the most crucial features of a web page relevance score. Websites must use easy languages for making frequent changes. Use HTML code reference for easier and proper code. Still, if it is not working you should take help from SEO experts.

For example, the SEO consultants in Sydney provide advice regarding such problems. 

Solution Regarding Mobile Device Optimization

All metadata should be updated on your mobile sites. It should be the same both on your mobile and desktop sites. 

Add structured data to the pages of your mobile. Also, update the URLs to mobile URLs. Correct and proper hreflang code and links must be guaranteed.

Solution Regarding Site Indexing

As far as Google is concerned, if the pages on your site are not indexed, they don’t have any existence. Due to this, they don’t show up in results. 

First, try to search your brand name and see if it shows up in the result or not. If it doesn’t work, then add your URL to Google. If your site is indexed, but still you can see too many results. Then double-check for older versions of your site or site-hacking spam. 

Some Other Solutions Are:

  • Use hyphens instead of spaces to separate words.
  • Compress long URLs of 100 characters or more into less than 70 characters.
  • You should use a single domain and a subdomain.
  • You should add keywords in the URLs.


By fixing your SEO issues, users will find your website online. To see where your site stands, you can check it on the SEO checker, you can also learn more about SEO to gain basic knowledge. Follow the above-mentioned points to fix the problems or contact SEO professionals to help you in solving them. 

Hopefully, this article has helped you to clarify the solutions related to SEO issues. 

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